Episode 4 – Dr Philip Blair: On CBD Oil, Keto, Complete Physique Vibration and Statin Accidents


Can CBD oil, the ketogenic eating regimen, and complete physique vibration translate to higher well being? And why ought to individuals abstain from statins?

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On this episode, we chat with Dr. Philip Blair, a board-certified household practitioner and a retired navy officer from West Level who does many issues to assist individuals remodel their lives, together with training about CBD oil, low-carb and ketogenic eating regimen approaches, statin accidents, and illness administration. He additionally offers consultations concerning cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp.

Among the many many different hats the superior Dr. Blair wears, he’s additionally an advisor for Elixinol, in addition to the Medical Director and Vice President of Professional Well being Advisor, offering revolutionary dietary and illness administration companies. His program believes in “empowering particular person sufferers to make way of life modifications and training them by means of the tough transitions till they understand success…and preserve their optimistic outcomes for all times.”

You’ll find Dr. Philip Blair at Professional Well being Advisor and on Fb.

On this episode, you’ll be taught:

Why it’s best to abstain from statins
Accidents and unwanted side effects that may end result from statin use
The significance of ldl cholesterol
The hyperlink between statins and neuropathy
How diabetes could be induced by statins
Using complete physique vibration within the ICU
Complete physique vibration: the way it can assist overweight and bedridden people
Why individuals don’t drop some weight with simply train
The numerous well being advantages of CBD oil
How the mixture of CBD oil and complete physique vibration can assist PTSD
The distinction between CBD oil and marijuana/THC
Which model of CBD oil Dr. Blair recommends
Imbalances of the endocannabinoid system and the way CBD oil can assist
Why the low-carb and ketogenic method helps diabetes or metabolic syndrome
How Heads Up Well being customers can use information to personalize a low-carb keto method to well being
How life experiences are translated into the physique through the endocannabinoid system
The good thing about CBD oil with most cancers, inducing apoptosis
How CBD oil can assist migraines
Why utilizing each CBD oil with the keto eating regimen is right when going by means of most cancers
Normal dosage pointers
CBD oil and train efficiency
And extra!
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1. Professional Well being Advisor

2. CBD Blair Session

3. Elixinol

4. Respira

5. Statin Results on Muscle and Kidney

6. SpaceDoc (Useful resource data about derogatory results associated to statins)

7. Hypervibe

8. Venture CBD

9. Gary Taubes’ Good Energy, Unhealthy Energy


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