What Precisely Is a of Weed? And How A lot Pot Is in a Dubsack?

Howdy, pricey MERRY JANE readers Weed. We love you! At present we’re again with one other lesson in cannabis semantics. Everyone knows there’s a variety of THC terminology, and pot slang has developed in tandem with cannabis tradition. Whereas some turns of phrase are commonplace for longtime people who smoke, there are new shoppers entering into grass every day, and never everybody is aware of the definition of, say, “FECO,” “shatter,” or “the entourage impact.”

That mentioned, we’re not making an attempt to patronize tried-and-true tokers — so for those who think about your self an endo knowledgeable, this text could seem a bit 101 to you. However hey, all of us want a refresher at times, and think about this submit one thing you might ship to your mom.

Anyway, we outlined what a “zip” of weed was the final time we supplied a lil lesson on linguistics. (In case you forgot, it means an oz. of pot.) This time, nonetheless, we’re going smaller: What precisely is a “dub” or “dubsack” of weed, and the way a lot pot is that?

To be clear, the time period “dub” doesn’t check with the music style popularized by Jamaican artists, nor the digital music style “dubstep,” regardless of marijuana’s connection to each. The time period “dub music,” popularized by geniuses like King Tubby, refers to a dublate, or an acetate recording disk that studios would use to check recordings previous to mastering them on vinyl.

Within the context of cannabis, nonetheless, dub is a unit of measurement that derives from “dubs,” which is slang for automobile rims which can be a minimum of 20 inches in diameter. For reference, peep Grasp P’s 2005 monitor “I Want Dubs,” that includes the lyrics: “Cruisin with my ladies even rollin with thugs / I want dubs, 22’s, 24’s.”

So a dub refers back to the quantity 20, and in pot parlance meaning a bag of weed that prices $20. Traditionally, 20 bucks will get you a gram of weed if bought on the black market. Again within the day, it was frequent to slap a avenue supplier a invoice with Andrew Jackson’s face on it in alternate for a small baggie that would match a sizeable nug or two. At present, although, underground sellers and supply companies will not often make a sale that’s lower than an eighth of an oz. of weed. And in authorized markets, grams can go for as little as $10 bucks as of late. If you happen to purchase in bulk, the value of a gram may even be much less.

A dub doesn’t essentially equate one gram, however fairly a $20 buy. Relying on the supplier, a dubsack may very well be anyplace between 0.7 grams (in the event that they wish to rip you off) and 1.5 grams (if the plug is feeling beneficiant). Generally a supplier would possibly provide a reduction and say they’re doing a “ten greenback dub,” suggesting that you simply’d get the weed at half worth.

To recap, a dub or dubsack of weed means a $20 buy, usually from an underground pusher. Like final time, we wish to add some popular culture into our lesson, so listed below are some rippin’ tunes the place the artist references a dub or dubsack:

“We bangin’ out, that Taylor Gang / Dub to your face, child ’til you say my title”

~ Wiz Khalifa on “Black and Yellow”

“I do know that you have been smoking all my tumble weed / I appeared into my dub sack all I seen was stems and seeds / You higher dress, hit the door / Go to the dub spot and purchase some mo’”

~ Afroman on “Afroman Is Coming to City”

“I keep gettin inexperienced or the cheese, I am with it / Within the backstreet with the Bs that lit it / Dub sacks within the stash, plus the weed is hittin”

~ Lil B on “I’m Simply Livin”

“Midi-mapping hats, yo, tryna get cake / Waitin’ on a dub trigger the weed man’s late”

~ Awkwafina on “Marijuana

“Take a flip, at this level my essential concern / The place the bud’s on a regular basis I burn so I can grub / I want a minimum of a dub.” 

~ Wiki on “three Tales”

“And after I’m smokin’ dubs, you possibly can’t hit my weed / Gold diggin’ bitch don’t get no love from me” 

~ Tay-Okay on “The Plug”

“Make a go to, cease by the weed spot seize a dub / I do know grams gon’ have me a grub”

~ Beanie Sigel on “Mother Praying”

“If you happen to discover a bag of weed on the ground, decide it up / And for those who discover it I acquired 10 on the dub / I am laborious to search out like pickin weed out a rug” 

~ Redman on “Gilla Home Test”

So now you already know the definition of the slang — might you smoke many dubs in peace, and don’t let anybody cost you greater than $20 for a gram!


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