Query about smoking weed in apartment : Marijuana


Hey good friends! Let me get started off saying I in no way want to get my neighbor in any kinda of problems and we 100% assistance marijuana decriminalization. So we moved into a new apartment and our subsequent door neighbor does smoke in his residence. My husband is active duty military so we definitely can not have us or our residence smelling like marijuana with danger of it smelling on him when he goes to perform. What actions can we take to minimalist smell obtaining by way of on our finish? What would be the ideal way to method my neighbor? We currently have ozium to use and I just purchased a good charcoal air filter. I was pondering about placing with each other a present bag of sorts with some ozium and incense to go speak to him to see if we can uncover a mutual benefiting outcome. If this was you how could I method you without having coming across like a nag? I have practically nothing against him smoking and completely realize why he does it inside with the laws in location as of now I just want to attempt and decrease the smell that is obtaining by way of our horribly sealed apartment. Thank you guys!


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