Fake Runtz Bags And Packaging Floods Cannabis Markets

Jokes up on these fake Runtz bags and packaging. In case you did not know what the Runtz strain is, it really is a single of the hottest cannabis strains suitable now out of California. Everybody who knows about this candy-inspired weed strain desires to see what all the hype is about, criminals are infringing on the Runtz trademark and shopping for fake Runtz bags and promoting other strains as it. An additional Runtz packaging has been located with vape cartridges for sale. Right here at cannabisthrives.com, we know the owner and creator of the Runtz brand. We have received genuine Runtz bags from @runntz and can assistance stay away from you from shopping for fakes. Beneath are true Runtz bags that are current.

We also have written a White Runtz evaluation for these interested in studying additional about it. Do not be fooled by persons attempting to make funds promoting their low-good quality cannabis in disguised as the true Runtz weed strain. This is just an additional shady black market place practice taking from unexpected shoppers. Getting from legally licensed dispensary storefronts and delivery solutions is the ideal approach to obtain the true Runtz strain weed in the Bay Region. The fake Runtz packaging has been located in quite a few states across the USA.

Fake Runtz Bags

The true Runtz packaging does not have a hat on their packaging. Keep away from all Runtz bags with a hat graphic on it, this is not an authenthic item. Individuals can be located promoting the fake Runtz packaging on Instaram and chinese market place areas on-line.

fake runtz bags

The image belows shows empty Runtz packaging for sale as low-cost as .20 cents each and every on-line. It also shows more than 40,000 transactions from a single seller alone, proving theres a lot of funds promoting these fake Runtz weed strain.

runtz bags for sale

Beneath shows persons promoting Fake Runtz bags on instagram.

fake runtz packaging

Runtz Strain Information

runtz bags

The cannabis strain Zkittlez has been crossed with the well-known California strain Gelato which produced Runtz. The name of this strain is sufficient due to the fact the cannabis is sweet and colorful. We had a likelihood to attempt out two strains that come from the Runtz strain crossed which consists of White Runtz and Buddha’s hands. Other strains accessible are the following:

    • Ether
    • White Runtz
    • Buddha Hands
    • Gruntz
    • Pink Runtz
    • Runtz OG
    • Peach Kobbler Powered by Runtz
    • V Powered by Runtz

True Runtz Bags

real runtz bags

The most current Runtz packaging for cannabis does not have any hats. It is unfortunate how quickly accessible these fake Runtz bags are on-line. We located these bags for sale for as tiny as .20 cents each and every. Remain updated with what is true and fake with our images of genuine Runtz packaging under. The Runtz strain cost is not low-cost, an eighth has been observed for as substantially as $80. If your discovering an individual promoting Runtz weed for any significantly less it really is really probable it really is fake.

The legalization of cannabis in California for recreational use has shed a light on how deceptive the black market place is to its clients. Individuals are attempting to move their cannabis more rapidly by tricking persons with these fake Runts packaging.

There are presently no official Runtz cartridge for sale, any observed are fakes. They do have nonetheless in the performs sauce pens, we will preserve this web page updated with the Runtz packaging and true to assistance our readers stay away from the counterfeits. Because the Runtz strain genetics are accessible on-line any grower can cross strains and produce it. This is a premium cannabis brand that is worth the added price for some sweet tasting weed that is also higher in THC content material.


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