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Have you ever had to hide the reality that you are a cannabis customer? Numerous marijuana enthusiasts have to hide that reality from their employers there are no protections against becoming fired for cannabis use in most locations (with Maine and Nevada becoming the exception for now). When it comes to expert sports and cannabis, the National Football League (NFL) has not often been recognized for obtaining the most open attitude towards marijuana. Numerous NFL players have been suspended or fined more than possession or optimistic testing for marijuana. Other individuals, like star operating back Ricky Williams, have left the NFL altogether since they couldn’t opt for the medicine they wanted. Nevertheless, with adjustments in cannabis legislation taking place across the nation, NFL players have spoken out about the will need for the league to rethink its policies on cannabis. Let’s take a appear at the most recent developments.

NFL to Analysis Cannabis-Primarily based Remedies

A press release the NFL place out in May well announced that the league had reached two joint agreements with the National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA). In discussions, the NFL and the NFLPA agreed on extra help and sources for discomfort management and behavioral overall health for players. 1 outcome of the joint agreements is the undertaking of a study on discomfort management tactics for players. The study will be carried out by a committee that incorporates representatives from the NFL and the NFLPA. 

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Each the NFL and NFLPA agree on the will need for extra help and sources for discomfort management and behavioral overall health for their players. photo credit

Health-related professionals will be assigned to assist establish blanket policies on discomfort management across the league. The study will appear into standard therapies for discomfort as properly as “alternative strategies,” such as cannabis-primarily based therapies. In an interview with ESPN, the NFL’s Chief Health-related Officer Allen Sills mentioned, “We want to discover all of the tactics that assist a player deal with acute and chronic discomfort. Some of these efforts demand medication, some do not. With regard to marijuana, definitely there’s a lot of discussion about not only cannabis but cannabinoid compounds, CBD, and it is one thing that overall health care providers are exploring outdoors of football. That variety of study will definitely be component of the mission of this committee and this plan.” Sills also added that it was a “very historic and proud day for league and NFLPA to companion with each other on this.”

Allen Sills also spoke to about the new discomfort management work. He reiterated that study will involve cannabis and other cannabinoid-primarily based therapies like CBD. Sills mentioned that the study was “much broader and larger than (marijuana). The objective of this work is properly beyond marijuana. It is to appear at discomfort remedy.”

NFL Players Push for Marijuana Policy Alterations

The joint work among the NFL and the NFLPA will be the league’s initial study initiative into cannabis. Given that the undertaking of this study is a divergence from the NFL’s former stance on weed, it appears the league has turn into somewhat extra open-minded on the problem following conflicts with many players more than cannabis. This year, former Dallas Cowboy David Irving was suspended for cannabis. Irving talked to CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney show about cannabis in the League. “Eighty % of each and every group participates in the use of health-related marijuana–if not larger. If I’m a player rep for my group and we take all the player reps from just about every group and we get all our players with each other and go do one thing with each other, what is the NFL going to do?” mentioned Irving. “It’s actually our jobs to get concussions just about every single day. We’re going to get hurt, and then they supply us opioids. I do not agree with that.”


Health-related marijuana could assist lower opioid usage in discomfort management for NFL players. photo credit

Irving is not the only 1 to challenge the NFL on their cannabis stance. Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington told CBS news that “sensible non-prohibitive, non-degrading cannabis policy” could be on the NFL’s horizon as quickly as 2021. Washington pointed to the federal government’s patent for CBD as an “antioxidant neuroprotectant” as proof of the prospective CBD has to assist players.

How Cannabis Can Enable NFL Players

As an antioxidant neuroprotectant, CBD identified in cannabis could be capable to defend players from 1 of the most popular injuries in football concussions. Antioxidants lower the buildup of reactive oxygen species, which in the brain leads to deterioration of brain structures. This can take place following the overproduction of glutamine by neurotransmitters in the brain following a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dr. Ethan Russo of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute presented his findings on cannabis and TBI at this year’s Cultivation Classic occasion in Portland, Oregon. His study shows that CBD and THC assist avert glutamate excitotoxicity.

CBD and THC can also be powerful against chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a situation brought on by repeated brain injuries that can show as behavioral troubles, dementia or suicidal thoughts.

Other research help NFL players’ claims that cannabis therapies assist them deal with chronic discomfort and the effects of traumatic brain injuries. The American Academy of Neurology published a study that identified individuals to show moderate improvement of chronic discomfort and concussion symptoms following consuming cannabis. Prior research indicate that the NFL and the NFLPA’s joint study could come back with quite optimistic benefits. If the league requires these findings on board, Marvin Washington’s predictions could come correct sooner rather than later.

The NFL and the NFLPA’s joint study initiative will be an significant initial step in functioning towards sensible cannabis guidelines for expert football players. Willingness to appear into cannabis is currently a optimistic sign for a league that has maintained a rigid drug policy till now. Cannabis advocates and NFL players will all be holding their breath for developments that come as a outcome of the study.

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