Playing Sports Higher on Marijuana


Dear Stoner: I like to love a joint on the golf course, but obtaining higher tends to make me play terribly. Are there any sports that I can play higher without having becoming a total train wreck?

Dear Burnie: Think it or not, there are skilled sports leagues that take into consideration cannabis a efficiency-enhancing drug. Whilst that efficiency enhancement is generally connected with discomfort tolerance and recovery, not speed, strength or coordination, some athletes and weekend warriors think that smoking or ingesting cannabis can assistance them love playing and instruction without having compromising efficiency.


Toke up and lace up, but do not toke also a lot.

Brandon Marshall

Sadly for your golf game, most of these reported rewards come in instruction workout routines, like biking, jogging, hiking and so on — but common shmucks like you and me can nevertheless have a toke just before playing a round of eighteen or hitting the basketball court. Just know that you are playing with fire: Overdoing it will finish your drive, and a extended warm-up session is vital so that you do not overthink out there. Even then, you could possibly get overwhelmed if the strain is not ideal.

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