Trees cannabis dispensaries will close in Nanaimo as quickly as solution sells out – Nanaimo News Bulletin


A single of Vancouver Island’s most well known chain dispensaries, Trees, will close all shops on the Island following two consecutive shutdowns of shops in Victoria.

Trees CEO Alex Robb previously stated shops in Nanaimo would stay open till August 16 as element of a “slow winding down” of operations. Soon after Neighborhood Security Unit (CSU) officers seized solution at Trees’ Yates street retailer in Victoria, the firm decided it would be finest to close all areas as quickly as doable to keep away from additional seizures.

“Unfortunately, simply because we are concerned the CSU would seize any solution we sent to Nanaimo, we are not going to be continuing operations there till we’re licensed,” Robb stated.

CSU officers seized a substantial quantity of cannabis merchandise from each Victoria areas. Though the precise figures have however to be determined, Robb expects the CSU could fine Trees hundreds-of-thousands of dollars primarily based on the estimated worth of seized solution. The CSU has energy to fine businesses double the assessed worth of unlicensed cannabis merchandise. Any fines levied are at the discretion of the CSU.

“This is not about Trees in terms of enforcement, it was about their timeline for the transition to the licensed marketplace spot,” Robb stated. “It was vital for them to make certain that there are not licensed competitors to current licensed shops.”

Nanaimo does not have any licensed shops at this time, and there are no shops scheduled to open till at least September.

The quick closures will not influence the potential of Trees workers to enrol in employment insurance coverage and a supplemental advantage system that will major up missed wages. All workers will get severance, and workers who have worked for 3 months or longer are eligible for the supplemental rewards system. The system will offer workers with up to 90 % missed wages for a period of 4 weeks.

“We had initially hoped we could do that for longer for the objective of bringing them back after we reopen as a licensed retailer, but at this point we can’t be confident we’re going to be licensed inside 4 weeks, so we are advising persons to appear for other employment,” Robb stated.

Trees will keep a skeleton crew to wind down operations, and proceed with their licensing application. Retailers in Nanaimo are anticipated to close anytime solution has been cleared from the shelves. It is probably that Friday, August two will be the final day of operations for Trees areas in Nanaimo.

Robb expects that a lot of buyers will continue displaying up to Trees as the abrupt closures have not permitted Trees to efficiently communicate with their buyers. This may well take customers by surprise, and leave customers of medicinal merchandise without the need of any access to medicinal cannabis merchandise, a lot of of which are not offered on the legal cannabis marketplace.

“I’m most of all apologetic to the healthcare customers simply because, if I had calculated superior, then we would have ensured they had sufficient time to access the merchandise they will need. They’re the most really hard carried out by persons, and they’re also the ones I’m most sorry to for not becoming in a position to get them the solution they necessary,” Robb stated.


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