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The Trinity marijuana strain is at the center of a mystery that has but to be solved. This strain has sparked debate amongst marijuana growers, as to which firm really holds the title for initially building it. When there are a lot of items up in the air with Trinity, there are some fundamentals that we know are correct.

Trinity is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, that comes in with a ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This is an impressive strain that has produced itself identified across the globe, even although there is not a lot of data accessible on it. The mystery offers fuel to the fire, and increases the reputation behind the Trinity marijuana strain, providing it a cult-like following.

Note: there is a lot of data on the net providing conflicting testimonials, on the other hand, upon examination of hundreds of testimonials, this strain surely acts as an Indica hybrid.

Generally talked about is the truth that Trinity is a rather difficult strain to uncover, so if you really should be fortunate adequate to run across it, it may well be worth selecting up a small additional. Novice smokers really should be warned that the THC content material is really higher, averaging in between 18% and 22%.


The origins of Trinity are up in the air to this day. A lot of customers swear that it came into existence in North America from an Indica strain, when other folks say it came from distinctive Sativa strains.

If you dive deep into theories on the Trinity strain, you will come across a single about a man named Jeremy P. Yes, just a initial name and the final initial is all that can be tracked to the myth, the man and the legend himself. Jeremy, final initial P, is mentioned rumored to be accountable for bringing the completely created strain to Montana and Oregon. It is right here he passed it along to his buddies. With this theory, there wasn’t a great deal data involving its parent strains, or exactly where he obtained the strain from himself. The Jeremy P theory is mentioned to be a far fetched rumor by a lot of marijuana customers.

The Trinity Myth

1. Exactly where did it come from?
two. What are the parent strains?
three. How extended has it been about?

Parent Strain Guess

It is assumed a single of the Northern California Sativas, is most probably a single parent strain. Purple Kush is the greatest guess of the breeders, for getting the Indica parent to the Trinity Strain.

The Purple Kush marijuana strain hails out of Oakland, California, and has a subtle earthy, sweet overtone. Helpful for discomfort, sleeplessness, pressure, and insomnia. All round aroma contains earthy, grape, and berry.

Look, Flavor and Aroma

The Trinity marijuana strain is produced up of huge buds, and is covered with an abundance of crystals. This strain is slightly sticky, and it is extremely potent.

If you are attempting to be discrete with your marijuana, this is surely not the strain for you. Trinity marijuana strain smells rather skunky, and its scent is pervasive. The smell is quite classic, as it possesses the earth and skunk smells.

As far as the flavor goes, you can count on earth, pine, citrus, and skunk flavors. Some would contact this a fairly classic character, as it is heavily skunky with a sweet berry undertone.


A lot of the information accessible on the net with Trinity is at present inaccurate. The only factor that is identified is the unknown.

Because it leans Indica heavy, growers can count on the plant to be quick and busy in nature. It is also assumed that it could be harvested in a shorter time frame, about eight weeks, and most dispensaries praise the yield. With a quick developing time, and a substantial yield, this tends to make it desirable for growers of all varieties.


Because this is close to getting a 50/50 hybrid, you will uncover some Trinity buds can act a lot more as an Indica, and other folks will act a lot more like a Sativa. It all depends who produced it, and which phenotype you get.

Customers will really feel comfy, peaceful, euphoric, productive, tired, and uplifted. It is the greatest of each worlds, and you will really feel the Sativa effects prior to you really feel the sluggish Indica effects.

At the starting of the higher, count on to really feel energetic and prepared to take on the globe. On the backend of the higher, be ready to hit the couch and throw your feet up. 1st time customers of the Trinity strain really should do so at property, so you do not have to drive anyplace.


This is a prevalent impact that marijuana is identified for bringing on. One particular of the major factors that folks consume marijuana is mainly because it tends to make them really feel overwhelmingly content. Trinity is no exception, as it leaves customers with a smile plastered to their face.


When you are relaxed, you have a tendency to be capable to get a terrific nights rest. This is a single of the factors that Trinity can be employed to aid with healthcare ailments such as insomnia. It is mentioned that when men and women can get a great deal-necessary rest, that some of their other troubles lessen or go away absolutely. When your physique does not go by way of appropriate sleeping patterns, it can throw your mood and general well being out of wack.


When this strain does bring on creativity, it is also mentioned to make you tired. Due to the fact this strain acts like an Indica, it may well not be the greatest to take this prior to writing or artistic sessions, as you may perhaps really feel a small tired. Having said that, it can present you with some crazy dreams, so retain a pen and paper close to your bed. That way, you can wake up and jot down any dreams that may perhaps spark inspiration at a later time.

Recreational Activities to Pair with Trinity

  • Binge-watching HBO
  • Hot Tubs
  • Camping
  • Massages

Health-related Utilizes

The Trinity strain shines in the healthcare division. There are a wide assortment of ailments that Trinity appears to aid customers treat.

This strain aids with:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Menstrual Cramps


This strain is mentioned to aid with depression of all sorts. If you are somebody who has struggled with depression, and you haven’t been capable to uncover relief, this could be a strain to attempt. Preserve in thoughts that Trinity is a difficult strain to uncover, so you may well have to contact about.


These struggling with obtaining sufficient sleep really should seek out Trinity. If you are not capable to uncover it, you can attempt a pure Indica from a dispensary, as they place customers into a deep state of relaxation, permitting for sleep. Insomnia can be a extreme dilemma, as not adequate sleep can lead to some really serious well being challenges.


Discomfort management is an great cause for marijuana use. A lot of folks uncover relief from discomfort, like menstrual cramps, from marijuana. Girls who endure from extreme menstrual cramps, also referred to as endometriosis, will have an understanding as to how painful they can be, and they will want to attempt the Trinity Marijuana strain ideal away.


Headaches are a different factor that can set folks back in their every day routine. No a single likes to function or be productive when they cannot concentrate on the activity at hand due to enormous headaches. Trinity is the variety of strain that can genuinely aid.

Adverse Effects

Extreme couch-lock can set in if more than-consumed. Be certain to let the effects kick in prior to going on and consuming a lot more. You will practical experience some enormous physique highs with Trinity, so be certain you are prepared for that. Do not consume this prior to you will need to leave your property, and do not use it prior to you are going to operate any variety of machinery.

It is uncommon, but some folks can have nightmares immediately after making use of this strain. This can happen due to deep REM sleep that several of us do not get on a nightly basis. When this deep sleep takes place, it can result in nightmares.

Red eyes and cottonmouth will also be present when consuming this strain. Be certain to have water accessible as effectively as eye drops if you want to stay away from this.

Equivalent Strains

Because this strain is so difficult to uncover, it will be useful for you to appear for comparable strains such as:

  • Blue Moutain Fire
  • Chocolate Thunder
  • Green Lantern
  • Dreamer’s Glass
  • Sour Candy
  • South Central LA
  • God’s Treat
  • Afghan Skunk
  • Purple Urkle
  • Hammerhead
  • Gilz Nilz
  • Logic Diesel
  • LA OG
  • Ms Universe
  • Brian Berry Cough


Individual testimonials exist on the Trinity strain, and they can give us a great deal-necessary insight into what to count on from this strain.

Customer Evaluations

  • Trinity is a Eugene Oregon strain that is closely guarded by myself and only two other folks I am conscious of. Cuttings are practically not possible to get and if you want seed, overlook about it.
  • The effects are in contrast to any other type of weed I’ve had but. Just about every after in awhile a weed comes along that feels absolutely distinctive from all the rest, this a single is it.
  • One particular of the finest strains I have attempted. Large, dense buds. Great piney notes from the vaporizer. The buzz is uplifting but relaxed, and surely a creeper as other reviewers have mentioned.

All round

All round, the Trinity marijuana strain is fairly a mystery. We can only hope that in the coming years a lot more data comes out about this strain, but till then, you can nonetheless get pleasure from the relaxing effects.

This is the variety of strain that is worth attempting when you come across it, if only to inform folks you did, and get hardcore street cred. Acquiring the Trinity marijuana strain would be like Charlie locating the golden ticket in Willy Wonka.

Have you ever attempted this strain? What have been your thoughts on it, and how did it influence you? If you have any theories or stories about Trinity, really feel no cost to share them in the comments section to spark debate amongst the neighborhood.


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