Coast Guard Order Bans Active Members From Getting into Cannabis Dispensaries


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States with legal recreational and/or healthcare marijuana make up a sizable portion of the U.S. coastline. But the servicewomen and males tasked with safeguarding these coasts will not be in a position to take benefit of the transform in policy and public attitudes on cannabis. That is since on July 30, the United States Coast Guard issued an order banning active service members from getting into cannabis dispensaries. But that is only the starting.

In total, the order amounts to a full hands-off policy with respect to cannabis. Uniformed members of the Coast Guard also cannot use mobile dispensaries or online delivery solutions. In truth, they cannot even enter an establishment that grows, processes, manufactures, distributes or otherwise bargains with cannabis in any way. Nor can they participate in any activities or events that market or are connected with cannabis. They cannot even invest in cannabis companies. Additionally, failure to comply with the new U.S. Coast Guard order comes with really serious consequences. Even CBD could be off limits.

U.S. Coast Guard Concerns Order Entirely Banning Service Members from Cannabis

On Tuesday, U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schulz issued an Alcoast Commandant Notice (ACN) prohibiting members of the Coast Guard from getting into or in any way supporting marijuana establishments. The order also bans any use or possession of marijuana, even in states exactly where there are legal protections for cannabis shoppers. Regardless of legalization in numerous states, federal law still prohibits the use, possession and distribution of marijuana, and the U.S. Coast Guard is a branch of the military falling below federal jurisdiction.

In addition to federal law, there’s also the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Below the UCMJ, knowingly getting an owner, operator, vendor, or direct investor for a marijuana enterprise is also illegal. As is participation in or close association with industrial enterprises that develop or distribute cannabis. And that contains even so substantially as assisting or encouraging such enterprises. It is all a violation of the UCMJ.

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Published: August 01, 2019

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