Expanding marijuana with out a fancy set up? : Marijuana


So I took a seed and place it in the soil of 1 of my home plants just for entertaining. Properly I was fairly suprised to see it increasing a week or so later. I have transfered it to it really is personal pot and gave it a assistance to maintain ot up appropriate.

So, I have no concept what strain it is. If I just maintain watering it and exposing it to all-natural sunlight, could it basically make?

I have it in my bathroom by a window (not visible from outdoors) and the air circulation is decent from our air conditioner in the subsequent space.

If I let it maintain increasing is it going to smell like marijuana? Or does it only smell if it flowers?

I dont have the time or cash to invest in it any longer than watering and placing it in the acceptable sized pot and fertilizing it.


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