Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana Strain


The Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain is a strain that goes by a lot of names, which includes ISS or Sweet Island Skunk. Initially bred by the Federation Seed Business, this undesirable boy comes from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and was very first created decades ago. This marijuana strain need to not be mistaken for the Sweet Skunk marijuana strain bred by Spice of Life, which is a Sativa strain identified for its energetic effects, and sweet tropical aroma.


As the story goes, a vietnam veteran very first brought Sweet Skunk to the Canadian breeders, exactly where it was crossed with several unknown Sativa seeds. Quite a few think the mysterious Sativas could be Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Skunk #1. Some think it was not Sweet Skunk that was employed as the male seed, but rather Northern Lights X Haze. Let us take a swift appear at the feasible parent strains, so you can guess for oneself which was employed to make the wonderful Island Sweet Skunk Strain.

Sweet Skunk

Sweet Skunk is a cross in between Northern Lights and Skunk, which tends to make it a dominant hybrid. Pine, spice, and lemon give a diverse citrus aroma to the strain. With a huge head higher, a lot of use this to treat anxiousness and tension, and need to not leave customers with any trippy pictures.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Originating in Vancouver more than 35 years ago, this strain is employed in the breeding course of action, particularly for its sweet terpenes. Supplying an uplifting Sativa higher, this strain is well-known for daytime use. The general aroma is an exotic, tropical delight. It fights off fatigue, and damaging thoughts, inside the brain.

Skunk #1

This is a international marijuana preferred which is nicely-identified by old and new marijuana buyers. The general aroma is sour skunk and subtle earthy tones, which is surprisingly sought immediately after by a lot of customers. Utilized by sufferers for depression, discomfort, fatigue, and loss of appetite. It supplies customers with that classic marijuana higher, that men and women have been feeling because the great old days.

Northern Lights X Haze

Formally referred to as Northern Lights #five X Haze, this Sativa heavy hybrid boosts some severe sensory awareness. Sounds may perhaps appear louder, and colors may perhaps seem to be brighter. Earth, wood, spice, and an herbal scent give the general marijuana aroma a thing men and women will keep in mind for years.

Searching at all of these strains can give you a great thought of the Island Sweet Skunk Strain, which includes:

  • Sativa effects will be felt
  • OG skunk flavor mixed with a tropical sweetness will be tasted


The THC measures in at 19%, which is a small bit above typical, compared to other marijuana strains. Island Sweet Skunk supplies customers with an immediate elevation in mood, followed by a mellow physique buzz. The physique buzz is equivalent to a single that can be felt immediately after a handful of cocktails, and need to not impair the movement of your limbs.

Some variations of the Sweet Island Skunk marijuana strain may perhaps yield higher CBD levels, which is exceptional to combat THC effects for these who have a low tolerance. CBD can help in maintaining trippy and psychedelic thoughts at bay.

ISS marijuana strain is a daytime strain that shouldn’t be employed when the sun goes down. It can be a wonderful option to morning coffee, and can be the three pm choose me up you want to make it by way of your employees meeting.

Recreational Utilizes

The mellow physique buzz, and raise in amusing thoughts, can make this a wonderful strain to use when you are on holiday. Pair it with tropical activities such as:

  • Lounging by the pool
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Walking along the beach

For these who do not reside by sun and sand, it can be a exciting strain to pair with outside activities. The THC discovered in this strain can elevate your day to day hobbies to a new level. Attempt a bit of the Island Sweet Skunk marijuana throughout a hike you will be taken to an additional globe exactly where the trees somehow appear taller, and the pine has a new intense smell to it.

Golfers can use a bit of this prior to they hit the hyperlinks. That missed birdie shot will not appear like the finish of the globe when you are golfing with Island Sweet Skunk marijuana. Because the higher time is a handful of hours, you do not want to commit additional income when the golf cart girl comes about, and you can ride out the higher till the final place is in the hole.

Health-related Utilizes

As we have currently discussed, ISS marijuana can have THC and CBD inside it, which tends to make it a best therapeutic strain. This can assistance help thoughts and physique ailments, without the need of leaving customers in a goofy, out of their thoughts, form of headspace.

Headaches and migraines can be diminished with this strain, and men and women can get out of the darkroom, till their headache subsides. When men and women can rid themselves of their migraine troubles, they can be absolutely free of the crippling discomfort, and in some instances, be absolutely free of blurry vision that can make it difficult even to stroll.

Nerves troubles and muscle spasms resulting from trauma or genetics can be enhanced as nicely. This can leave these who are commonly unemployed, to have a likelihood to return to the workforce, and even receive a social life.

Inflammation is an additional disorder that can be aided with the use of this marijuana strain. Particularly, these that have arthritis and lupus, have discovered relief from ISS, and can quit or diminish their pharmaceutical drug use.

Can furthermore assistance these with:

Nerve Discomfort

When men and women use marijuana to assistance heal ailments, they do not have to be concerned about damaging side effects, and can say goodbye to taking medicines about the clock. Simply because this strain produces a clear-headed higher, customers can take this all through the day to treat their difficulties.


With a name like Island Sweet Skunk, it does not take a individual with an imaginative thoughts to figure out what the general aroma to this strain would be. Sweet, skunk and tropical all round out the flavor profile.

Obtaining a sweet tropical scent, underlined with a bit of earth and skunk, pleases practically all palates. The taste matches the smell, which is element of this strains reputation. Because it comes from the skunk household, the smoke is smooth, but may perhaps be a bit thicker in density.

Even these who commonly do not smoke marijuana, could possibly want to give this a single a attempt in the type of a joint or vape. The immediate impact from smoking can from time to time assistance men and women, versus utilizing utilizing it in edible type, which can take up to an hour to really feel.


Growers of all sorts can locate accomplishment in cultivating this strain. The sea of green strategy appears to generate the most lucrative yield of about 200 grams.

A warm, sunny, and outside atmosphere is recommended for increasing, and harvest need to be accomplished in mid-October. The flowering period is commonly eight-9 weeks, which is on the reduce finish. The stretch of the plant lies in between typical to 200%.


The plant itself grows tall and may perhaps need some branch assistance. For this purpose, if you only have a modest increasing space, you may perhaps want to skip attempting to develop this strain indoors.

Buds are dense, with sticky colas and have a considerable quantity of hair and trichomes covering them. Hairs on these buds stand out a bit extra to the eye, simply because they have an general vibrant yellow colour to them.

Comparable Strains

If you delight in this strain, and want to locate other people like it, right here are some equivalent strains:

  • Webster
  • The Cough
  • Massive Mac
  • Dutch Kush
  • Ortega
  • 4 Way
  • Black Cherry Pie
  • Super Snow Dog
  • Unique K

Preferred Cities

The most well-known cities to locate Island Sweet Skunk include things like:

  • Portland, OR
  • Denver, CO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Fernley, NV
  • Kenai, AK
  • Oklahoma City, OK

This is a single of the extra well-known marijuana strains to locate, and most dispensaries need to have it in stock. If you are in Canada, you are confident to locate it everywhere and anyplace!


Searching at critiques can give you a extra precise image of what you can anticipate from the Sweet Island Skunk marijuana strain. A handful of issues noted by several customers include things like:

  • Highly effective medicine
  • Effects final for hours
  • Aroma is so tropical the name says it all
  • Smooth, but go straightforward it sneaks up on you
  • Motivated but laid back
  • Clear-headed higher and manageable

Damaging Effects

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the only side effects you have to be on the lookout for, and these can be treated with some higher-excellent H2O. If you are paring this strain with physical activity, make confident to pack double the quantity of water you generally would, and you will be great to go.

There have been no reports of enhanced dizziness, paranoia, or anxiousness with the ISS marijuana strain.

Final Thoughts

These seeking for a hybrid to generate a functioning thoughts and physique higher, can locate precisely that with the Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain. It is employed recreationally just as considerably as it is employed inside the health-related cannabis globe. Take a break from daily life, and treat your self with this tropical marijuana strain.


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