Secure Act Passage Would Imply Secure Cannabis Banking for All


In September 2018, a member of my company’s executive group spoke on Capitol Hill about the lack of economic solutions readily available to cannabis firms and the challenges of operating in an all money atmosphere. Just weeks later, we received notice from 1 of our economic solutions providers that it was terminating its partnership with Green Bits for the reason that of our personal service to the legal cannabis business.

Green Bits is technically what is identified as an ancillary cannabis firm, which means nothing at all we do touches the cannabis plant at all. Alternatively, we assistance cannabis retailers and dispensaries handle their companies and keep compliant with state laws. We are a step removed from any activity that the US government would declare illegal below the Controlled Substances Act. But, we are topic to the identical heightened scrutiny, and economic solutions institutions have the identical aversion to operating with us as they do with firms that truly develop and sell legal cannabis items.

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