US Coastguard Orders Active Duty Solutions To Keep Away From Cannabis .. Complete Cease


The U.S. Coast Guard issued an order on Tuesday clarifying that active duty service members can’t use marijuana—or even enter a cannabis shop—regardless of state law.

They add

They are also barred from participating in “any occasion or with any entity that sells, promotes, celebrates, encourages, or seeks to additional the use of marijuana and illegal THC-primarily based solutions.”

The order states that the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) prohibits the consumption, possession and manufacturing of marijuana, and that Coast Guard personnel must “maintain a life-style that neither condones the use of illegal substances nor exposes them to accidental intake of illegal drugs.”

Beyond refraining from going to dispensaries or attending cannabis-connected events, that also incorporates not owning or investing in a marijuana small business or obtaining a “close association with marijuana development or distribution industrial enterprises.”

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Coast Guard Troubles Order Barring Active Duty Members From Going to Marijuana Shops



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