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Lemon Haze strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The flavor of the Super Lemon Haze strain is finest defined as lemon, citrus, and earthy when smoked or created into edible solutions.

When you take a deep breath you instantly note the lemony smell. It is the signature characteristic of the Lemon Haze strain. Lemon Haze is the excellent strain for fruit lovers, with a robust lemon tone and a subtle berry flavor aftertaste. With higher limonene terepene levels present in this strain, it tends to make for a scrumptious smoking or vaping expertise.

Strain Effects

Smoked in the course of the day, Lemon Haze will give you with an energetic and upbeat higher. It is a excellent strain for creativity and a productive and primarily focused mood! It is not advisable to use it instantly prior to bed, for the reason that of the extremely stimulating consequences of this strain due to the fact it can be tough to sleep.

The strain is usually characterized as providing the user an optimistic, euphoric, alert of properly-getting feelings. The length of these effects typically ranges from two-three hours, in the end top to a relaxed and physical physique higher. The THC percentage of this strain can attain 20% to 25%, which can contribute to paranoia and anxiousness when inexperienced smokers consume in huge amounts.

Health-related Effects

Individuals who use this strain approve its capacity to relieve discomfort and induce relaxation. If you are anxious, stressed, depressed or in discomfort, this strain is up to assisting.

Lemon Haze can contribute in assisting relieve discomfort, nausea and headaches. It is incredibly probably to bring on the munchies assisting these who endure from appetite loss. This is mainly a strain for persons with depression, chronic anxiety and anxiousness. Wonderful for boosting productivity and mood enhancer.

Very best Develop Situations

The finest expanding circumstances for maximum yield for your Lemon Haze is indoors. You can develop Lemon Haze outdoors, but you will not maximize your production unless you have the proper mix of circumstances. Indoors you can handle the circumstances a lot greater, though this strain is additional effectively grown when kept in warmer, sunnier places.

This strain is really resistant to popular bugs and molds, creating it an quick plant for even newcomers to develop. Lemon Haze has a quick flowering time compared to other marijuana strains. Lemon Haze grown in an indoor atmosphere and can yield up to 15 ounces per square meter. Flowering typically requires about 7-9 weeks, immediately after which the flowers should really be ripe for selecting.

Developing Lemon Haze is easy to develop when you apply simple gardening strategies and patience.

Final Notes

Lemon Haze is for you if you are looking for a dominant sativa strain which provides you instantly motivation, power, and happiness. The sweet taste provides a smooth draw and you can take pleasure in the uplifting effects for hours. These who want to cease a quick pace or unwind are greater off avoiding this strain. But this is an excellent alternative for a revitalizing and beginning your day.


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