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Contrary to well-known belief, West OG does not straight descend from OG Kush. Having said that, it is its direct relative as the Indica-dominant hybrid is an offspring of Chemdawg. This is precisely why the bud has overtones of lemon complemented by a sour diesel undertone. Meanwhile, the addition of the Humboldt plant enhanced upon the Californian genetics of the strain when enhancing its functionality in the develop area.

In contrast to each of its predecessors, this strain leans toward the Indica side of the household. Though it has a cerebral centered onset, its later effects complement the pleasant mood elevation with a tranquilizing physique buzz. For healthcare customers, this implies getting effectively rid of symptoms of tension from all more than the physique beginning from the thoughts.

The versatile West OG also delivers newbies a likelihood to boost tolerance to THC with its potency of 16% to 22%. Meanwhile, its functionality in the develop area gives the identical chance of improvement to aspiring growers who want to hone abilities.

Our West OG Strain Assessment

Information and facts About West OG Strain

ORIGIN Chemdawg and Humboldt
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Pleased – 9
Sleepy – 9
Inventive – 1
Euphoric – 1
FRAGRANCE Lemon, diesel, herbal, spicy, earthy
FLAVORS Herbal, lemon, earthy, woody, diesel, sour
Dry mouth – 10
Paranoid – 10
Health-related Eye stress – 10
FLOWERING TIME Outside Late September to early October
THC Content material % 18% to 22%
CBD % Up to 1%
INDOOR YIELD 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Outside YIELD 12 ounces or extra per plant
CLIMATE Warm climate
Development LEVEL Unknown
RESISTANCE TO Illness Unknown

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


A slow starter, West
OG does not like rushing the thoughts with head-slamming effects. Rather, it eases
customers into a state of calm euphoria by way of an uplifting buzz that manifests 15
minutes just after the very first two or 3 hits.

West OG Strain Effects
West OG Strain Effects – Image powered by 2fast4buds.com

As quickly as the
initial onset starts, practically nothing but happiness is felt. Downturned frowns turn
into upturned smiles that matches one’s vibrant mood. Radiating from inside is an
unparalleled bliss that tends to make the wander in carefree flight. It is not
surprising for 1 to come up with concepts in the course of this time. Just after all, in spite
of its subtlety, it creates a clear path for thoughts to flow and kind freely.

Even though it appears like
a Sativa, the cheerful head higher and upbeat mood only serves to prepare customers
for the upcoming physique buzz.

Just after about an hour or two, the identical uplifting buzz trickles down from the temples. Ebbing in waves, it removes tension and tightness from the muscle tissues till 1 feels totally enveloped in relaxation. Replacing it is heaviness that the Indica-dominant plants in the limbs. Progressively, the eyes develop into droopy when an urge to recline intensifies. Ultimately, customers go on a trip with Mr. Sandman into dreamland.

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The possibility of getting couch-locked when utilizing West OG is completely higher. As such, 1 will want to reserve the strain for extra laid-back nights.


West OG has an energizing lemon scent that is accentuated by the taste of diesel. Looming undertones of herbs and spices are noticeable as effectively, in particular when breaking apart the buds. And, as soon as combusted, it emits an earthy aroma that fills the area.


Drawn in, a mixture of herbs doused by lemon zest burst in the palate. Enhancing it are subtle notes of earth and wood that make the herbs appear freshly picked. Following the exhale, a diesel-flavored smoke washes more than the mouth with a sour aftertaste.

Adverse reactions

It is not uncommon for customers to really feel startled as soon as the effects of West OG hit. Just after all, it is a potent strain with a heavy-hitting higher that can be temporarily dizzying. It can often create into a subtle feeling of paranoia if customers smoke the strain outdoors of limits. Though uncommon, it is very best to start out with low dosages when pacing consumption of the strain.

A extra standard reaction to marijuana are dry eyes and a cottonmouth, in particular when moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids interfere with the production of saliva. Even though unavoidable, staying hydrated will aid ease the discomfort felt all through the day as it persists for hours.


Presumably, West OG is a recreational strain. In spite of this, its
therapeutic worth is not a all diminished. By way of the combined effects of its
cannabinoids, the Indica-dominant strain gives sufferers with short-term
reprieve from different mental and physical overall health afflictions.

West OG Strain Medical
West OG Strain Health-related – Image powered by 2fast4buds.com

Its calming but euphoric onset enhances the mood when stabilizing turbulent feelings. For this cause, it can be made use of as a tension reliever by customers consistently bombarded by the day-to-day stressors of life. Similarly, it also manages symptoms of mental overall health troubles like depression and PTSD along with anxiousness.

Apart from the behavioral, the bud also important physical effects that boost the high-quality of lives of persons living with chronic discomfort. Amongst its very best utilizes is relieving intraocular stress which, if left unattended, can worsen into glaucoma. The identical soothing buzz also wraps the physique in total relaxation till customers fall into a deep, unencumbered slumber.


Though it is a reasonably
effortless plant to develop, West OG poses fairly a challenge for newbies. As such, it
is the best strain to practice on when honing one’s abilities. It is quick,
stocky, and fairly sturdy. Having said that, it has two weaknesses – humidity and overfeeding
or watering.

West OG Strain Growing
West OG Strain Expanding

Due to its compact
structure, the plant undoubtedly harbors moisture in in between its crevices. Left
on its personal, it will attract mold and mildew as effectively as stunt the buds’ development.
The second problem is a frequent zealous beginner’s error. Plants can endure from
nutrient burn when feeds are not regulated. Meanwhile, more than watering it will
bring about the roots to rot. Studying how to prune is also a necessity as it will
aid circulate air and light adequately.

Apart from these two, the plant thrives effectively. It can withstand different unpredictable troubles such as fluctuating temperatures and sudden adjustments in climate. Against robust winds, it stands nonetheless and will not break off even with the added tension from the heavy weight of its buds. Nevertheless, there are several who favor cultivating the strain indoors for added manage and protection against pests.

Inside controllable environments, growers can make use of a hydroponic program and supplement it with the Sea of Green to encourage bud development as effectively as hasten the flowering period. Soil, on the other hand, will boost flavors when super cropping will boost trichome production.

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Flowering Time

Indoors, West OG has a flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks. Even though quick, it yields abundantly with each and every square meter creating in between 10 to 12 ounces of buds.

Outdoors, West OG flowers from the final week of September to the middle of October. It produces at least 12 ounces of buds per plant. Beneath the specialist care of a seasoned grower, it can yield extra at a faster price.

Have you ever smoked or grown your personal West OG? Please let me know what you feel about this marijuana strain in the comments under.


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