Council Bluffs cracks down on illegal selling of CBD


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT)– The Council Bluffs Police Department has been delivering reminders about CBD products underscoring the fact that they’re illegal.

CBD / Source: USFWS

The letters were hand-delivered shops in Council Bluffs last week after the city received complaints about people selling Cannabidiol illegally.

In the state of Iowa, only five dispensaries have licenses to sell CBD. They may sell creams, tincture oil, or pills that are less than .3% THC.

Complaints are starting to come into the City of Council Bluffs that specialty shops and even gas stations are selling these products.

Lt. Chad Meyers, with the Narcotics Enforcement Task Force, tells 6 News they don’t want to arrest people or hand out tickets. “We want to give everybody notice. Our ultimate goal in all of this is just to gain compliance with everybody. You know, we hope we don’t have to do any enforcement actions at all.”

Moving forward, officers will be stopping in stores to make sure they’re following the CBD laws.
To visit one of the licensed dispensaries, you would need to be prescribed a medical card by a doctor and meet one of the 11 qualifications.

Store owners like Ross Plum with Greenstar Glass plan to comply but take their fight to politicians.

“We are speaking with the local political figures, the mayor. We reached out to the senator Jodi Ernst, we recommend you do that too if you are concerned at all about this. That’s going to be the only thing we can do at this point to make sure we get this rectified quickly,” said Plum.

The bottom of the letter says rule changes are likely to be coming from federal and state agencies in the near future, but unlicensed sales of CBD are currently illegal.


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