The Facts and Fiction of Vaping Hemp Oil


You’ve heard of the benefits of hemp oil and you love to vape. The question is – can you vape hemp oil? And, specifically, we’re talking about CBD Hemp Oil, not Hemp Seed Oil used for eating.

The answer is yes, vaping hemp oil is possible. In fact, it’s one of the most effective, easiest and quickest ways to incorporate hemp oil into your life. It can produce benefits within a mere four to eight seconds!

When inhaled, hemp oil enters the bloodstream immediately. However, with other methods of consumption, hemp oil passes through the gut and liver, which means it can take a lot longer to feel the effects.

If you haven’t vaped hemp oil before, you may feel a bit lost when it comes to starting. After all, it can be daunting for a beginner or someone who’s inexperienced in the world of hemp oil and vaping.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Learn all about vaping hemp oil here.

What Is Hemp Oil Vape?

It isn’t as easy as simply vaping standard hemp oil. Instead, you must find hemp oil vape that has been specifically designed for vaping – this is the only suitable hemp oil to use with a vaporizer.

This special formulation requires e-liquid ingredients in order for it to properly vaporize.

Specifically, pure hemp vape oil needs to blend with vegetable glycerine (VG) and/or propylene glycol (PG) in order to function. Many consider the ideal formulation is 50% VG and 50% PG. The VG and PG together generate the vapor that carries the flavor and the CBD you attain from pure hemp oil vape. However, PG is considered harmful by many specialists. Therefore, we simply do not use any PG in our formulations….EVER!

Hemp oil is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant the most common form of cannabis sativa is known as the industrial hemp. The industrial hemp plant used to be very common in the United States – in fact, George Washington, was a hemp farmer!

However, the prohibition of cannabis plants in the 20th century gave hemp a negative and undeserved stigma. But there are many benefits of CBD from hemp oil including the relief of anxiety and its anti-inflammatory properties. When vaping, it’s the CBD that gets absorbed.

Not all industrial hemp plants contain super high amounts of CBD, however. Some industrial hemp is grown only for the hemp seed oil, which can be used as a nutritional supplement. Plus, industrial hemp can be used to make textiles like ropes.

Instead, there’s a specific type of industrial hemp that’s used for CBD cultivation. The largest producer of CBD hemp plants is found in Colorado. These plants produce high amounts of amazing quality CBD. This is where the hemp plants are grown that we use in our formulations.

Vaping Hemp Oil

At this point, you may be wondering how to vape CBD oil. If you already own a vaporizer, you can add hemp oil vape to your favorite e-liquid or alternatively you can use it on its own for a stronger experience.

Be warned though that pure hemp oil doesn’t taste good when vaping. A CBD E juice is recommended to be sweetened or flavored to make it a pleasant experience.

Some people like to alternate between the two options depending on their mood or their reason for vaping.

Simply fill a vape tank or refill the cartridge with hemp vape oil juice just as you would usually fill it with any other e-liquid. After filling, allow the device to sit for ten minutes so the vape coils can become saturated with the liquid.

Alternatively, if you’re already vaping with nicotine, you can mix your hemp oil vape juice with your current e-liquid with nicotine. This method allows you to experience the calming effects from the hemp oil vape juice along with the stimulating effects from nicotine.

However, if you don’t already use nicotine you don’t need to start and can just use hemp oil vape on its own. Likewise, if you’re keen to mix your hemp oil vape juice you can always mix it with a non-nicotine vape juice.

Always read the ingredients of a vape juice before making a purchase so you can buy the correct product for your tastes. Remember, never use any type of synthetic CBD for any kind of consumption, including vaping.

Will Vaping Hemp Oil Make Me High?

No, even the most powerful hemp oil juice will not produce a high. The CBD in hemp oil comes from cannabis, but it isn’t the compound in cannabis responsible for creating psychoactive effects.

THC is the compound responsible for producing the high that associates with cannabis. The CBD in hemp oil can encourage a positive state of mental health, but it won’t leave you feeling sluggish, confused, or what many people refer to as ‘high’.

How Else Can I Use Hemp Oil?

You may be wondering how to use hemp oil in other ways.

Another way to use pure hemp oil with CBD is by applying it topically. For example, for an arthritic hand rub the oil gently on the surface of your skin. In order to encourage the absorption, use a carrier oil like MCT coconut oil or jojoba.

Ready to Vape Hemp Oil?

We hope you now understand the ins and outs of vaping hemp oil. Remember that because it doesn’t pass through the liver or gut, vaping hemp oil is one of the quickest ways of absorbing CBD to experience the wonderful benefits it offers.

Your mood and cognitive performance are likely to improve, and you can also probably expect better sleeping habits. Vaping hemp oil can be the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Ready to start vaping hemp oil? Check out our products to help you get started. Happy vaping!


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