The Significance of CBD Lab Testing



With the lack of regulation inside the CBD business, providers are popping up out of the woodwork peddling low high-quality “snake oil” – but you may not know the distinction. Not only does CBD lab testing preserve providers sincere and assure that you are acquiring the right quantity of CBD, but it also protects you from damaging chemical substances and additives. At Hemp Bombs, we sustain the high-quality of our items via constant manufacturing and lab testing processes.


Our CBD Lab Testing Procedure

Raw material pre-verify

Prior to our manufacturing approach even starts, we acquire lab tested raw components from American farmers. Each and every batch of raw CBD comes with a certificate of evaluation to determine present cannabinoids and confirm that our items are totally free of pesticides, heavy metals and residuals.


Production checkpoints

All through production, we test our items at particular checkpoints to confirm that the right quantity of every ingredient is going into the mix. By following these recommendations, we can catch any errors early and ascertain no matter if we require to recalibrate our machines or revisit our Common Operating Procedures – while this is hardly ever the case.


Final Internal verify

When all is mentioned and performed, we do one particular final test of our items to confirm the CBD concentrations and make sure you are acquiring the finest item probable.


BUT WAIT, THERE’S A lot more!

We send every batch of items off to independent third-celebration labs for CBD lab testing. It is not adequate for us to just do our personal testing – and you shouldn’t trust any business that does. Lately, providers have been promoting items with no the right quantity of CBD, when publishing lab test final results that reflect falsified answers, providing customers a false sense of trust.

Independent CBD lab testing keeps everybody sincere and shows the correct, unbiased contents of just about every item.


Outcomes anytime, anyplace.

Do not blindly trust a company’s claims that a item has the right quantity of CBD – do your study. Respected providers, like Hemp Bombs, will make lab test reports readily accessible to you. Our final results are accessible on person item pages as effectively as the designated lab test location of our site.

Locate CBD lab testing results

Click on the image to pay a visit to the item web page and find lab test final results

We want to establish trust via transparency with our clients. We’re constantly accessible to answer your concerns on our social media channels and via our client service quantity. Subsequent time you are searching to obtain CBD on line make certain the business has constant, accredited lab test final results accessible to you. We’ll constantly bring you up-to-date and reputable answers to preserve you secure.

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Infographic explaining CBD lab testing

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