Weedmaps’ Museum of Weed Delivers a Trip Via Time


Hollywood’s historic Paramount Studios has a new neighbor: the Weedmaps Museum of Weed, which opened officially final evening (Aug. 1) on the corner of Melrose and Cahuenga.

The 30,000-square-foot space attributes a winding, stroll-by way of, chronological series of seven separate exhibitions tracing the history of marijuana. The journey begins with the “pre-Prohibition” use of hemp in products ranging from a samurai warrior outfit to an early American flag, by way of the roaring ‘20s (“Age of Madness”), the psychedelic ‘60s (“Counterculture Revolution”), the ‘80s Reagan-inspired War on Drugs (“Behind Closed Doors,” “Entrapment”), the fight to free of charge these unlawfully imprisoned (“Dose of Compassion”) and “Legalization.”  You half count on to enter a bumper auto in the shape of a vintage VW van (a model of which adorns a trippy, psychedelic, “Instagrammable” tribute to the ‘60s) with the dulcet strains of “It’s a Stoned Planet Following All” chiming in the background.

“It’s type of like a dream, is not it?  This can not be actual,” marvels legendary stoner Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame at the entrance to this paean to the sacred herb, the brainchild of Weedmaps, the app which is very best described as the Yelp of cannabis. “We produced it by way of and we’re nonetheless right here. I’m pretty optimistic about the future. I’ve grow to be pretty spiritual in my old age. The passage in the Bible says there is no starting and there was no end… forever is forever.  Something that can occur will occur and we will constantly be aspect of all the things.”

And if that is not a philosophy borne of a handful of bong hits…

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Published: August 02, 2019

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