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Living in California gives us access to the best cannabis oil available in the world. It’s important to remember that California was the first state that pioneered the use of cannabis for medical use in 1996. This allowed for cannabis to legally exist for sale and production, this allowed the extraction technology to legally operate and thrive. After trying many THC oil syringe options in California, I’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis oil syringes. Not all THC oil syringes are the same quality and we compiled a list of the best here.

Also known as a dab dart, because some THC syringes come with a blunt tip attachment. This additional attachment makes it easier to dispense the THC oil on to a dab nail or empty vape cartridge. The price for a THC syringe vs a prefilled cart is relatively cheaper. Supplying your own empty vape cartridges will save money with these THC oil syringe options. After trying out plenty of these cannabis oil syringes, we have determined the best in California and will continue to update this list as we try new products.

Types of THC Oil Syringes

Not all THC syringes are the same and of course some are better than others. Some cannabis oil can be eaten while others can not. It’s important to understand all of the available types of cannabis oil available in syringes. The most popular type of cannabis oil extract available in syringes is distillate. These THC syringe options are the cheapest for the strongest THC content. These types of distillate THC oil syringes can refill vape cartridges.

Below is the current hash oil types available in syringes:
Distillate oil with non-cannabis terpenes – These are typically sweet flavor tasting cannabis oil flavors.
Distillate THC oil with natural cannabis terpenes – Strain-specific cannabis terpenes enhances the users experience.
Live Resin Oil With Cannabis Terpenes – This is the most flavorful type of cannabis oil.
Full Spectrum Sauce – This is the most premium type of THC oil available right now. This is made solely from the cannabis plant with no additives or artificial terpenes.
CO2 Extracted THC oil – Not known for being the tastiest among the group.

Dab Applicators

An alternative glass syringe option are dab applicators which are similar, they are pushed to dispense the cannabis oil inside. The purpose of a Dab Applicator is to have the ability to dispense a precise amount of THC oil onto a heated dab nail. Another use of the Dab applicator is the ability to apply cannabis oil onto a wax pen. We’ve seen dab applicators that say on the label not to eat while we seen others say it’s okay.

1. Pure Syringe – Best THC Syringe For The Price

pure THC syringe
Pure THC oil syringes

I am a huge fan of the Pure distillate syringes. I’ve tried all three of their flavors and highly recommend them for those looking for a clean and potent distillate. Each Pure syringe packaging comes with a scannable QR code that leads to the lab test results showing the THC oil is clean and its potency. This new QR code was a recent add on, and the one we scanned had 13 grams tested to ensure accurate results.

I highly recommend their Lemon Haze THC syringe because of its sativa properties, it provides a clean energy boost with no crash. An increased ability to focus also comes with the calmness provided by vaping it. Those who have trouble focusing will be able to go long hours on tedious task after just a couple of hits. It will only take a tiny amount eaten of distillate oil from a PURE syringe to feel its effects, literally a small dot on the tongue will be enough. The THC is activated in this cannabis oil and can be used to infuse with food to make edibles.

Pure Syringe Flavors

pure syringe flavors

    • OG Kush – Indica
    • Strawberry Cough – Hybrid
    • Lemon Haze – Sativa

2. Cobra Extracts Nectar Sticks

cobra extracts nectar sticks

Not all distillate oils have great flavor with high THC content, but Cobra Extracts does. We really liked using this brand as a vape pen cartridge refill. They also have CO2 extracted cannabis oil syringe options. I am a big fan of their lemon skunk THC syringe, this is a distillate option that smacks. It was some of the tastiest backed up with high THC content that’s felt right away. Cobra Extracts has a large selection of cannabis oil syringes with many popular strains.

We really liked the fact that a metal blunt tip attachment comes with Cobra Extract Nectar sticks. This makes it much easier to apply the distillate oil into a cartridge or blunt.

Cobra Extracts THC Oil Syringe Strains

cobra extracts THC oil syringe

    • Blue Dream
    • Bruce Banner
    • Death Star
    • Fire OG
    • Gorilla Glue
    • Green Crack
    • Jack Herer
    • Platinum OG
    • Strawberry Cough
    • Tangie

3. Bloom Brand Cannabis Oil Syringe

bloom brand THC oil syringe

The Bloom Brand offers distillate inside of a glass syringe, it’s another great refill vape cartridge option. They call it the Bloom drop, and I must say it’s among the nicest glass syringe options for THC oil. I added some of the THC oil from the Bloom Brand syringe into an empty vape cartridge, and it was some really strong stuff. It also had a really nice taste to it that was smooth and not too much.

Its was also very easy adding onto a bong bowl that lead to a smooth and potent hit. Its very easy to use the Bloom Drop to dispense the THC oil inside of it. We experienced brands where it was difficult to dispense the cannabis oil inside of it, Big Daddy’s edibles was a brand we had this issue. The Bloom Brand has a big selection of THC syringes for sale.

Bloom Brand THC Syringe Flavors

    • Pineapple Express
    • Girl Scout Cookies
    • Blue Dream
    • Grand Daddy Purple
    • King Louie 13
    • Skywalker
    • Green Crack
    • Jack Herer
    • Super Lemon Haze
    • Maui Waui

4. Friendly Farms Live Resin Sauce Applicator

friendly farms applicator

The Friendly Farms brand has recently released their live resin sauce in an applicator. They are well known for their full spectrum sauce cartridges. They’ve just released their CO2 extracted sauce into a device that can easily apply onto joints or even into an empty vape cartridge of your choice. Friendly Farms does not recommend reusing a vape cartridge with its applicator to avoid a “diminished experience”. This is a full spectrum THC oil that comes with a premium experience and price. The only reason its second place and not first is because of its expsenive price tag, but its worth the cost if you can afford it.

A half gram friendly farms cartridge sales on average for $45 a half gram, their new live resin sauce applicator should be the same or a bit cheaper. Although they announced the release, I have not been able to find any of their Sauce Applicators in the Bay Area. However, I am confident they will be the same or a bit cheaper than their half gram cartridges. We wrote a Friendly Farms Cartridge review that we recommend checking out to learn more about this premium selection.

5. Bakked Dabaratus


The Bakked Dabaratus can be found at the famous Harborside in Oakland, California. They are on sale for $45 a gram. There are 4 simple options available which include Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD.


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