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It begins as a tale of excellent genetics, as most
strain stories do. Now, WiFi Mints from Seed Junky could possibly be garnering the
most hype of any new strain up and down the West Coast — and that is thanks to
its legendary parents.

1 side of the WiFi Mints lineage comes from the WiFi 43 bred by California seed breeder OG Raskal and hunted down by famed Los Angeles cultivators the Jungle Boys. The other side of the lineage is the quite exact same Animal Mints male that Seed Junky utilized to generate the similarly common Wedding Cake strain. (Animal Mints is a cross of Animal Cookies paired with Blue Energy and Girl Scout Cookies.) The benefits are buds that smell like each mint and pine, with a light fuel note in the background and a challenging kush flavor punching via.

But a notable heritage is not the only point establishing WiFi Mints as a strain to watch. WiFi Mints has garnered so a great deal enthusiasm since 1 of the leading breeders in the planet at the moment — The Village — added it to his rotation.

The Village has been functioning with WiFi Mints for more than a year and a half. He received a reduce of the strain from the Jungle Boys, who initially scored the most-famed WiFi Mints phenotype from Seed Junky, who in turn was gifted the strain by the grower who popped it. In an Instagram post describing the lineage of how the reduce got about, Seed Junky noted that in The Village’s hands, Wifi Mints was becoming grown to its complete prospective.

The Village told Cannabis Now that he received
the WiFi Mints reduce the second time he linked up with the Jungle Boys. “I didn’t
know a great deal about it. The [Jungle Boys] had been just like, ‘Here, attempt this.’ And it
was proper when Seed Junky was blowing up,” he mentioned.

Although he believed at the time that it was cool to
get a different strain from Seed Junky, provided the buzz Seed Junky was beginning to
generate, The Village nonetheless didn’t know a great deal about the gem he’d gotten his hands
on. Immediately after his 1st batch was harvested he realized it was impressive.

“I had some buddies attempt it and they had been like, ‘Dude,
this is some of the greatest kush I’ve ever tasted.’ It truly has that minty
sort of kush taste,” he mentioned.

From there, The Village did a complete run of the
WiFi Mints in 1 of his rooms. He brought the resulting flowers to the Higher
Instances Sacramento Cannabis Cup in 2018. Although The Village produced it to the podium
with his private reduce of Mimosa and not WiFi Mints, some of the most excitement
that weekend swirled about the WiFi Mints.

“Sacramento was exactly where we released it and it got
fairly massive, since absolutely everyone just loves it,” he mentioned. “I normally inform persons
nine out of ten occasions I’m finding tagged on the web, it is since of WiFi Mints.”

The Village mentioned he has but to make any extractions with the WiFi Mints since the flowers are just so good and in demand. Of course, he says, he wouldn’t thoughts smoking some fat WiFi Mints THCA diamonds, but element of the enjoyable is seeing that immaculate flower via to the final finish stages — holding higher good quality in your hands ahead of you roll it up and flaunt it at the planet of boof pre-rolls.

To go along with the
flavor and eye-catching buds, WiFi Mints is also enjoyable to develop.

“What I like is it does not stretch a great deal,” The Village mentioned. “I have under no circumstances grown the WiFi 43 from the Jungle Boys, but it has a brief-grown sort of style. I wouldn’t say it is like a bubba or indica-leaning [strain], since it just does not have any crazy internode spacing or something
like that.”

The Village also enjoys that it stays brief when
it enters the flowering stage, which is normally a plus for indoor cultivators.

“Overall, it is just an effortless plant to develop,” he mentioned. “I do not have to do something crazy if she’s content all round. She throws down. She does not modify a great deal on the appear when other strains could possibly modify batch to batch. I take pleasure in increasing her and generally have had her in each area for a lengthy time now.”

The Village mentioned the WiFi Mints is a staple
strain for any garden, which is higher praise from a guy who wants the space to develop
all his personal original genetics. When asked how a strain like WiFi Mints seals
the deal on finding actual estate in 1 of his develop rooms, he mentioned the procedure
alterations, but he tends to retain an eye out for trends and what persons are liking.
That methodology has led to the WiFi Mints in each area.

“Lately, I’ve been switching it up with other
strains,” The Village mentioned. “We just got that Modified Grapes I’m attempting to get
in each area. We just got a Kombucha reduce we’re attempting to get in each area. So
it alterations as I uncover items, but WiFi Mints, Jungle Cake, Wedding Cake —
these are sort of my go-tos.”

The Village also noted that he’s not definitely increasing
Banana Punch or Mimosa any longer since they’ve gotten so common. This could possibly
imply that 1 day, WiFi Mints will be phased out of his develop area. But for now,
it is the star.

Inform US, have you ever smoked
WiFi Mints?

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