“Make it Legal” group pushes for legalizing recreational marijuana in Florida


FORT MYERS, Fla. — A push to legalize marijuana is expanding. Make it Legal Florida is a political action committee filing a petition to get an amendment on the 2020 ballot proposing to legalize recreational marijuana.

The amendment states any individual 21 years old or older is permitted to possess, obtain, and transport up to two.five ounces of marijuana. This is at the moment a felony in the state.

It also permits health-related marijuana remedy centers to sell, distribute, or dispense marijuana is labeled properly.

“It’s well known with folks that are young, old, all distinct demographics. Everyone’s in favor of legalizing marijuana,” stated Anthony Thomas, a regional activist in Fort Myers.

Thomas is pushing to decriminalize marijuana in Fort Myers and plans to gather signatures for Make It Legal’s petition simultaneously.

Healthcare marijuana is legal in Florida, but Thomas says all pot requirements to be legalized to increase the state’s legal method.

“I definitely think it is a civil rights concern of our time. We have so several folks enter into our criminal justice method since of a drug that definitely is not dangerous to any one,” Thomas stated.

Fox four reached out to Make it Legal Florida for an interview, and they responded in an e mail:

“Make it Legal Florida is proud to present a ballot initiative that will legalize the protected, adult use of marijuana. Public opinion is on our side, and the time to act is now. Florida voters on just about every side of the aisle overwhelmingly help this initiative, and at Make it Legal Florida, we are committed to guaranteeing Floridians have a likelihood to have their voices heard.” -Nick Hansen, Chairman, Make it Legal Florida

Fox four also reached out to the Republican Celebration of Lee County, and they stated in a statement:

“The Republican Celebration of Lee County will continue to lead the movement for smaller sized and restricted government. As health-related study continues to obtain healthier options to standard medicine, we will continue to advocate for the freedoms that just about every American enjoys beneath the Constitution whilst prioritizing the security of our youngsters.” -Jonathan Martin, Chairman, Republican Celebration of Lee County


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