CBD Oils vs Other Oils


We get a lot of inquiries from people today asking yourself how our CBD stacks up against other top oils in the marketplace. Currently, we’re going to speak about some typical oils out there and how they measure up to CBD!

What Other Well-liked Oils Are There?

Initially factors very first: what other well-liked oils are there? To place it just, there are also several to name right here! That is why in this report, we’re going to concentrate solely on oils that are usually compared to CBD. Copaiba, hemp seed oil, cannabis oil, and critical oils in basic are most generally confused with CBD. But when there’s no shortage of oils obtainable in the marketplace, only CBD has all the positive aspects of CBD.  

We asked Dr. Contact to clarify some of the variations and to clarify how these oils examine to CBD.

Copaiba vs. CBD

NU: What is copaiba and what is the distinction in between that and CBD?

Dr. Contact: Copaiba is an oleoresin, which signifies it is a all-natural plant item from the copaiba plant that consists of critical oils and a resin. It is steam-distilled in order to make copaiba oil which is higher in B-caryophyllene. Several people today use it for a calming impact. Though some people today believe that copaiba and CBD are interchangeable, they are completely distinctive merchandise.  Research and testimonials that show the many positive aspects of CBD use ought to not be applied to copaiba. We at Natures Ultra are large fans of Young Living’s copaiba critical oil. In reality our extremely personal Soothe roll-on contained copaiba oil as one particular of our intelligent spectrum &#x2122 merchandise! And when our Soothe item is no longer for sale, you can be assured that some of our future intelligent spectrum &#x2122 merchandise will consist of copaiba. 

In the meantime, if you are hunting for some “calm” in your life, we have the great option for you! At Nature’s Ultra, we at present have a CBD Roll-On known as Calm. Calm CBD Roll-On combines our higher-high quality Sensible Spectrum &#x2122  CBD and Young Living critical oils, which includes eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender, orange, vetiver, and ylang ylang flower oils, to assistance you delight in a restful night’s sleep. All you have to do is apply it when your prepared to wind down right after a stressful day.

Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD

NU: What is hemp seed oil and what is the difference  in between that and CBD?

Dr. Contact: A lot of people today confuse hemp seed oil and CBD oil mainly because they each come from hemp, but they’re absolutely distinctive! CBD is brief for cannabidiol, which signifies it is a all-natural cannabinoid located in the hemp plant. It binds to the Endocannabinoid Method (ECS) receptors all through your physique to assistance you keep a state of homeostasis. 

Hemp seed oil, as its name implies, is an oil that is produced by pressing hemp seeds. It does not include any CBD or other cannabinoids, so it does not interact with your Endocannabinoid Method. Nonetheless, mainly because hemp seed oil is less expensive to create than CBD oil, some providers try to mislead people today into believing they have the very same properties. At Nature’s Ultra, we think that our buyers deserve the extremely finest. That is why all of our merchandise include our premium Sensible Spectrum CBD oil and all of the positive aspects it has to offer you. We agree that Hemp Oil is a good carrier oil and you will come across it in our Calm roll-on. 

Cannabis Oil vs. CBD 

NU: What is cannabis oil and what is the difference  in between that and CBD?

Dr. Contact: This one particular is fairly difficult! Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants, and there are numerous species of cannabis plants, which includes the hemp plant from which we get CBD. So when CBD comes from the cannabis plant, cannabis oil itself is a blanket term for any oil from the plant, and it may perhaps or may perhaps not include CBD

Though cannabis oil is not a negative issue in and of itself, the term cannabis oil is also vague to be valuable. For instance, let’s say you choose up a bottle of cannabis oil at the shop. Could it be a higher high quality CBD oil item that consists of % THC? Confident. Is it? Honestly, most likely not. Immediately after all, if it had been higher-high quality CBD, it would be labeled that way! What else in in it??

Transparency is significant to us right here at Nature’s Ultra, so when you choose up a bottle of our CBD, you will come across the CBD content material clearly labeled. We have a rigorous high quality assurance technique to make sure that our CBD is pure, consists of no THC, and is absolutely free from any contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, or harsh chemical compounds. And to give you peace of thoughts about precisely what it is in our CBD, you can just scan the QR code on the label to be taken ideal to the high quality assurance web page for your item.

Important Oils

NU: What are critical oils and why does Nature’s Ultra use them?

Dr. Contact: Now that you know about some distinct oils, what about critical oils as a entire? Important oils are all-natural oils that are extracted from plants. They offer you a selection of positive aspects, and several people today about the planet have seasoned the influence they can have on your general wellness.

At Nature’s Ultra, we’re large fans of critical oils. That is why we developed our merchandise to give you the finest of each worlds! We start off with our premium grade CBD which comes from companion farms that use organic and sustainable farming practices. CBD is extracted from the hemp applying CO2 extraction solutions so we do not have to use any harsh chemical compounds. All through the complete course of action, we do rigorous testing to make sure that the final item is potent, pure CBD that consists of % THC. 

As soon as we have the finest-high quality CBD feasible, we combine it with Young Living critical oils. Young Living is the planet leader in critical oils, and their Seed to Seal® commitment to high quality tends to make their oils the great complement for our CBD

How Does CBD Examine to The Other Oils Out There?

NU: How does CBD examine to other oils?

Dr. Contact: We do not want to leave you with the impression that there are no great oils in addition to Nature’s Ultra CBD. There are oils obtainable that offer you a wide selection of positive aspects. But if you are hunting for a highest-high quality CBD oil that consists of % THC, and is absolutely transparent about exactly where it is from and what it consists of, appear no additional than Nature’s Ultra CBD

How Do You Decide on?

NU: How do customers select in between the distinctive oils?

Dr. Contact: If your the sort of particular person who desires the finest for their family members and for themselves then Nature’s Ultra is ideal for you. 

We make oils that pass the highest requirements of high quality, include % THC, and are seed to seal certified. We encourage you to study any merchandise that you are pondering about applying to see if they meet your wants. And as soon as you have viewed as all of the other oils that are obtainable, we’re confident that your search for the finest oil will lead you ideal back to Nature’s Ultra!


We’d like to thank Dr. Contact for his assistance with clarifying how the numerous oils on the marketplace examine and how to select in between these oils.

Now that you know how CBD stacks up against other oils obtainable in the marketplace, it is time to make a acquire so you can start off seeing the positive aspects in your personal life. You can come across the great CBD item for you right here!


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