Santa Rosa Junior College Creating Hemp Agriculture System


Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) announced on Monday that its Agriculture Division is producing a hemp agriculture plan, generating it the very first neighborhood college in California to create a certificate and degree plan focused on hemp.

SRJC aims to launch the plan in Fall of 2020.

In the Spring of 2020, students can start taking hemp-focused courses along with the current SRJC sustainable agriculture and horticulture applications to get a head start off on the new plan.

According to SRJC, the Hemp Agriculture plan will involve Introduction to Plant Science, Soil and Plant Nutrition, Integrated Pest Management, Organic Crop Arranging and Production, and numerous other courses.

SRJC Dean of Agriculture, Organic Sources, and Culinary Arts, Benjamin Goldstein says that the versatile hemp plant is at the center of a multi-billion dollar market and that 1 of the college’s prime priorities is guaranteeing that its profession education applications align with present market trends.

“We are preparing our students with the know-how and capabilities to be competitive in the workplace,” says Goldstein.

“I’m thrilled to study hemp agriculture at SRJC,” says SRJC student Norma Gomez. “there is no other neighborhood college carrying out this, and it is so relevant in California. There are thousands of jobs out there for students with know-how of hemp agriculture. My instructors are great, passionate, and knowledgeable. Plus, we can get actual hands-on practical experience expanding hemp at Shone Farm.”

SRJC Shone Farm is expanding a .eight-acre test plot of hemp which is registered with the Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner’s Workplace and operated in compliance with federal, state, and county regulatory needs.



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