Dutch to Trial Legal Cannabis in its ‘Coffee Shops’


Dutch cannabis producers are set to advantage from a lengthy-awaited alter in legislation which will see the country’s popular ‘coffee shops’ supplied with legally grown cannabis. 

While cannabis in Holland has been decriminalized considering the fact that the 1970s, its cannabis cafes are supplied with illegally grown pot – as making it remains illegal.

The authorities say more than 550 coffee shops nationwide are forced to operate in a ‘grey area’, getting from a criminal provide chain.

Half-Baked Policy

Nevertheless, from 2021, nearly 80 cafes in 10 cities will get a legal provide of ‘quality’ cannabis as component of a 4-year experiment.

Justice minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus and overall health minister Bruno Bruins stated in a briefing to MPs that ‘Protecting customer overall health and vulnerable groups is prime priority, and the experiment will spend close consideration to prevention and delivering information’.

Paul Depla, mayor of a single of the selected cities in Breda, told The Telegraph that it was ‘high time’ the Netherlands sorted out inconsistent drug laws.

“After years of knocking against closed doors in The Hague, we can leave behind this half-baked tolerance policy…where the customer knows totally nothing at all about the good quality of the cannabis and how it is grown.”

Principal Cities Excluded

Nevertheless, the trial will not consist of the primary cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, as it was was deemed ‘too complicated to get all their coffee shops on board’, reported the Telegraph.

Amsterdam has nearly 170 cannabis cafes and Mayor Femke Halsema warned final year it would be hazardous if all these purchasers abandoned their suppliers simultaneously, reports the BBC.

Holland’s present guidelines says that modest amounts of up to 5 grams can be purchased and sold for recreational use.

Like Switching From Wine To Whisky

The BBC reports that Willem, who runs the Toermalijn coffee shop in the city of Tilburg, stated the implementation of quantity and good quality handle ‘would be great’.

“But if the government make us spend extra, then our prospects will be charged extra, and then they’ll just go to the black marketplace,” he added. Nevertheless, some prospects in his shop stated the experiment failed to give any remedy for hashish – a cannabis resin.

“We do not have the potential to make the identical good quality. It is like asking persons to switch from wine to whisky,” a single consumer told the BBC.


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