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Green Roads believes that CBD is the greatest health and wellness story of their generation. With their commitment to providing better, safer, and more accessible alternatives for individuals with health problems, Green Roads stands out in the CBD industry and has gained national attention as a result.

The unique story of the company’s formation is a memorable one. Arby Barroso, often referred to as the advocate and defender of the Green Roads brand, struggled with addiction to pain medications after two consecutive injuries. After what he describes as reaching rock bottom, Barroso discovered CBD and continued to use it to manage his pain and discontinue his use of opioids. He was later motivated to approach Laura Fuentes, an expert pharmacist, in 2012 with his idea of starting Green Roads to make a genuine impact in the lives of others who had walked a similar path of life.

Today, with their roots firmly planted in Florida, Green Roads has developed and maintained an obsession for pure and potent ingredients, proprietary formulations, third-party lab testing, and a commitment to all customers. Their pharmacist-formulated CBD products has earned Green Roads multiple awards, including the “Best CBD Product” award at the Cannabis Business Awards (CBA).

Their wide variety of CBD-only products are hemp-derived and contain minimal, non-detectable amounts of THC. Their CBD products are carried in over 10,000 retail locations and are available online for any individual hoping to improve their health.

Green Roads Product Line Up

Beginner’s Bundle

Green Roads stands out in the industry with their offering of two beginner’s bundles. The bundles are available for first-time CBD users who are confused by the wide variety of products and their applications. The lingo is complex and the product availability is vast, so Green Roads has done the work for first-time buyers and provided these available-for-purchase packages.

The first, the Beginner’s Relax Bundle, contains CBD coffee, melatonin-infused gummies, a package of gummies for relaxation, and one bottle of 350mg CBD. This bundle sits at a great price for a wide variety of products.

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Individual Product Details:

The Beginner’s Relief Bundle contains a daily dose 7-day pack of 23mg/mL CBD oil, melatonin-infused gummies, a package of gummies for relaxation, and the muscle and joint relief roll-on formulation for soothing relief on your body.

Individual Product Details:

CBD Oils

If you are searching for fast-acting relief from CBD, look no further than the Green Roads award-winning CBD oil. These sublingual tinctures are available in bottles or in daily doses, allowing you to try out various strengths to see what works best for you and your body.

Green Roads CBD oil is a blend of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, allowing for your tissues to easily absorb the compounds and deliver beneficial results. When you place the drops under your tongue, you can expect to feel an overall sense of well-being and no feelings of intoxication. You may feel the calming effects quickly, particularly if you are feeling nervous or anxious.

These CBD oils are created using raw materials from American hemp farms, sourced in facilities that use the most advanced extraction methods in the industry, tested for pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, and formulated by an expert pharmacist. An external lab test is provided for each oil on the bottom of each product page, broken down by batch to ensure customers that they are fully aware of the compounds in their oils.

Product Details:

  • 100mg: cost = 0.27/mg
  • 250mg: cost = 0.18/mg
  • 350mg: cost = 0.17/mg
    • Daily dose or 15mL bottle
  • 550mg: cost = 0.15/mg
  • 1,000mg: cost = 0.16/mg
  • 1,500mg: cost = 0.14/mg
    • Daily dose or 30mL bottle
  • 3,500mg: cost = 0.12/mg
  • 161mg: cost = 0.30/mg
    • 7-day bundle daily dose
    • 23mg/mL

CBD Terpenes

Terpenes are natural compounds that give off the scent of herbs, flowers, and fruits. At Green Roads, broad-spectrum CBD oil is combined with these terpenes to create the ultimate aromatic and flavorful experience. The pharmacist formulation of the terpenes make Green Roads terpene products the most potent on the market.

Why buy terpenes? There are a myriad of benefits to the various flavors, including how they help the body more easily absorb CBD. One of the most common terpenes found in the hemp plant is Myrcene. Bearing an earthy taste, the terpene acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and aids in relaxation of your muscles.

Green Roads terpenes are available in a wide variety of flavors.

Product Details:

Green Roads also offers Daily Doses of their CBD Terpenes in the Strawberry AK, Pineapple Express, and Blueberry OG flavors. These contain a single 7mg serving of CBD in a 1ml dropper.

CBD Gummies

CBD edibles are in popular demand since the breakthrough of CBD in the health and wellness world. Green Roads has a variety of gummies, chews, and bites available for buyers based on what they are looking for. From terpenes to sleepytime gummies, every consumer can select the products that align with their goals.

CBD edibles are the ideal on-the-go dose of CBD for people always on the move. All edible products at Green Roads are pharmacist-formulated and triple lab-tested to ensure the quality of each snack!

Product Details:

  • Relax Bears
    • 300mg CBD per bottle
    • 10mg CBD in each gummy bear
    • Cost = 0.18/mg
    • Available in “on-the-go” packages (5 bears per pack)
  • CBD Relief Toads*
    • 400mg CBD per bottle
    • 10mg CBD in each toad
    • Cost = 0.15/mg
    • *Sugar-free
  • Fruit Bites
    • 300mg CBD per bottle
    • 10mg CBD per fruit bite
    • Cost = 0.18/mg
    • Assorted flavors
  • CBD Froggies
    • Available in single (100mg CBD) or double-dose (200mg CBD) packages
      • Single dose: cost = 0.19/mg
      • Double dose: cost = 0.15/mg
    • Sour froggies available (100mg CBD)
  • CBD Froggies On-The-Go (1 froggy per package)
    • 50mg CBD Froggy
    • 25mg CBD Sourz Froggy
  • CBD Sleepy Z’s
    • Nighttime gummies infused with melatonin for sleep support
    • 50mg per package
    • Cost = 0.20/mg
  • Natural Fruit Chews
    • Available in strawberry or grape flavors
    • 25mg CBD per piece
    • Cost = 0.24/mg

CBD Capsules

Green Roads won the best product award for their capsules in 2018. With each capsule containing 25mg of CBD oil, one capsule per day is a great way to support your overall health and wellness.

Bearing only three, all-natural ingredients, these capsules make a good addition to your on-the-go routine. The CBD molecules will be absorbed through the liver when taken in capsule form, creating an extended release of CBD throughout your day and supporting your endocannabinoid system (ECS) – the system that plays a huge role in maintaining homeostasis.

Product Details:

  • CBD Capsules
    • 750mg CBD per bottle
    • 25mg per capsule
    • Cost = 0.12/mg

CBD Topicals

CBD-infused creams and salves are particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing pain or inflammation in the body. From athletes to elderly persons, CBD products applied directly to the skin can provide substantial relief.

As a natural compound found in the industrial hemp plant, CBD may be the ingredient you were missing in your previous body-care routine. At Green Roads, an experienced pharmacist has formulated several different creams that are specific to your needs. The skin relief cream includes vitamin E and grape seed oil in addition to 200mg of CBD due to their skin-healing properties. The pain cream, available in two strengths, includes menthol and chamomile to assist in joint and muscle relief. Green Roads’ muscle and joint heat relief roll-on cream is particularly beneficial for those with a physical injury or athletes who are consistently training.

Product Details:

CBD Syrups

In line with their mission to improve the health and wellness of their customers, Green Roads offers CBD syrups infused with melatonin with the sole intention of improving sleep – a key component of our overall well-being. Available in three flavors, each serving of the gluten-free and sugar-free syrups provides 15mg of CBD, making the products a great addition for your before-bed routine.

Product Details:

  • 4oz bottles with 60mg CBD per bottle
  • Available in: grape, mango, and strawberry
  • Cost = 0.50/mg

CBD Drinks

As if Green Roads needed to set themselves apart in the industry even further, they have extended their product line with CBD teas and coffees to incorporate into your daily routine.

For discrete and seamless use every day, these teas and coffees bring with them a myriad of medical benefits dating back centuries. With the formulation of each product including other herbs, such as chamomile, the soothing effects on our daily anxieties are vast. Each single CBD tea bag contains 7mg of CBD and the packs of coffee bear between 60mg – 168mg of CBD.

Product Details:

  • CBD Coffee
    • 2oz bag
      • 60mg CBD per bag
      • Cost = 0.23/mg
    • 8oz (decaffeinated or regular)
      • 250mg CBD per bag
      • Cost = 0.16/mg
    • 16oz bag
      • 500mg CBD per bag
      • Cost = 0.11/mg
  • CBD Tea
    • 1 tea bag per container
    • 7mg CBD per serving
    • Cost = 1.00/mg

CBD Oil for Pets

The same way that CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system, the compound does in animals as well. In mammals, the regulation of homeostasis is critically important. CBD oil for pets has become popular more recently and has been formulated by Green Roads to enhance the wellness of our beloved four-legged companions. Of note, it is highly recommended that customers consult with your pets’ veterinarian before using this product.

Product Details:

  • King Calm CBD
    • 75mg CBD per bottle
    • 2.5mg CBD per dose
    • Cost = 0.53/mg

Want to know about some of the logistics and procedures when buying from Green Roads? Here’s some additional information:

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Material Sources

  • All plants used for raw materials are hand-selected at American hemp farms
  • Cutting-edge extraction methods are used and all raw materials are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbials
  • During the formulation process, an expert-pharmacist transforms the raw materials into the oils and other products
  • Each product is tested in a third-party lab for potency and purity verification. These lab reports are available on each product’s home-page for all batches where your product may have been sources

Third-Party Lab Testing

  • Outsources testing of every product batch to Desert Valley Testing to ensure each product meets purity and quality standards
  • Individual lab sheets available for each product
  • QR codes available on product packaging that redirect customers to relevant lab sheets

Shipping and Ordering

  • Free shipping on orders of $100 USD or more
  • Can process most major credit cards for payment, except Discover
  • Product insurance available for a small fee at checkout
  • Retail orders sent out using UPS, but can use Fedex for Wholesale orders
  • 48-hour fulfillment period on business days with delivery 3-5 days later
  • Package tracking available
  • Ability to cancel orders before and after shipping

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