Hemp bedding and chickens. For cleaner eggs attempt hemp bedding in your coop!

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I was seeking for an option to pine shavings for my coop and I was so glad that I identified hemp bedding!

A single of my most significant complaints about pine shavings is that the chicken poop just sits on top rated of the pine shavings. The hemp bedding aids to absorb the moisture of the chicken poop. I noticed my eggs we SO a lot cleaner with the hemp bedding.

An additional advantage of hemp bedding? Much less dust than pine shavings.

The pine shavings had been also taking FOREVER to break down in my compost region. I noticed that the hemp bedding (along with the chicken poop) breaks down at least twice as rapidly than pine shavings.

Can be ordered right here:

More positive aspects of Hemp bedding:

Can be utilised with horses, rabbits, snakes and extra! Hemp bedding does include smaller sized bits. I never propose employing it with infant chicks up to two weeks old.

Hemp bedding has a higher thermal rating, maintaining chickens warmer though they sleep.

Hemp is non-acidic. The waste from your chicken housing will promptly biodegrade, leaving nothing at all but garden gold. Your garden will thank you with improved yields.

Hemp is also extremely earth-friendly. It renews itself annually and produces substantially extra pulp than trees per acre.

Chemical-totally free and all-organic.

Concerns about the hemp bedding? Make contact with us at e [email protected]!

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