How to Adequately Use Emojis to Stealth Text About Weed


Even in states exactly where weed is legal, becoming discreet about the plant in your texts is nevertheless a superior thought. Feds be watching!

Texting has come a extended way from its humble roots in ye olden flip phones, Blackberries, and the like. When as soon as we could only send brief strings of characters derived purely from the king’s superior English, currently we can insert all sorts of cartoony photos depicting every day objects, creatures, facial expressions… and zombies, for what ever purpose. 

And becoming capable to text emojis to mates and, ahem, “business contacts,” provides us an upper-hand when we have to have to schedule a weed deal but also have to have to thwart household members, much less-cool mates, or the fucking NSA (oh yeah, they’re tapping your texts, and they know you are higher ideal now). 

Even though there’s no official playbook for how to stealth-text about weed business enterprise via emojis, we’ve got a couple of tips right here to assistance you out. In the end, you and your plug must have previously agreed on specific phrases or emojis to communicate this stuff, but often shit comes up, and you gotta improvise a couple beneath-the-radar statements to preserve almost everything, as it have been, beneath-the-table.

So, here’s the guide, but really feel absolutely free to get inventive.

“Weed” = Trees = &#x1f332&#x1f333&#x1f334&#x1f33f&#x1f341

“Trees” is prevalent slang for marijuana. That is mainly because, if you let it develop with lots of root space, cannabis grows into a literal tree, with some plants reaching as higher as 30 to 40 feet tall.

Instance: “yo you got some &#x1f332&#x1f332&#x1f332?”

“Weed” = Broccoli = &#x1f966

“Broccoli” is a further slang term for marijuana. It became well-liked a couple of years ago soon after rappers DRAM and Lil’ Yachty dropped the track “Broccoli,” which refers to cannabis with this term, although the history traces back additional.

Instance: “I have to have my everyday allowance of &#x1f966&#x1f966&#x1f966, dawg”

“Weed” = Flowers = &#x1f337&#x1f339

The stuff people smoke is a certain portion of cannabis: the flowers, or buds.

Instance: “Who’s got &#x1f337&#x1f339?”

“High” = Planes/Rockets/Aerial Cars = &#x2708&#xfe0f&#x1f680

Fairly self-explanatory. Rockets are extra prevalent than airplanes in this context, just FYI. Why lift off, when you can blast off?

Instance: “wanna get &#x1f680 later?”

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“Dollars” = Bones = &#x1f9b4

The way people today get slammed for bargains is via proof of a monetary exchange. Even though emojis will not assistance if you if some narc sets you up at the meeting spot, you can reduce the proof against you by maintaining dollar indicators and other monetary units out of your communications. “Bones” is slang for “dollars,” so that one’s effortless adequate.

Instance: “that’ll run 20 &#x1f9b4&#x1f9b4”

“Popcorn nugs” = Popcorn = &#x1f37f

Popcorn nugs are these small balls of weed flower/buds that gather at the bottoms of your containers. Some people do not thoughts a baggie complete of popcorn nugs in truth, some people today seek them out for blunts and the like. Other folks, even so, really feel that popcorn nugs are subpar, and they could take offense if they drive all the way across town only to discover that they just scored bottom-of-the-barrel buds.

Instance: “i only got &#x1f37f— that cool?”

Certain strains = [Multiple Emojis]

Some weed strains are much easier to convey via text than other individuals. For instance:

Grape Ape = &#x1f347&#x1f98d

Pineapple Express = &#x1f34d&#x1f682

GSC/Cookies = &#x1f467&#x1f36a

Of course, stealth texting will not perform for just about every weed strain. Fantastic luck attempting to get “Alaska Thunderfuck” across to somebody in pictorial type.

“Couch-lock” = Couch + Lock = &#x1f6cb&#xfe0f&#x1f512

On some devices, that “couch” emoji appears like a red vacuum cleaner. It is supposed to be a couch with a lamp chillin’ behind it.

As each the classic and regulated weed markets mature, cannabis shoppers are maturing in their tastes, as well. Some tokers only want the type of weed that’ll get them zonked out and locked to the couch so they concentrate on extra vital points like video games.

Instance: “i have to have a thing to get me &#x1f6cb&#xfe0f&#x1f512”

“Fire” = Flames = &#x1f525

“Fire” is slang for “awesome” or “potent.”

Instance: “hook it up with some of these &#x1f525&#x1f332&#x1f332, homie”

“Bomb” = Bomb = &#x1f4a3

“Bomb” is also slang for “awesome” or “potent.”

Instance: “your girl’s &#x1f332&#x1f332 smells &#x1f4a3”

“Smoke” = Blow + Smoke = &#x1f617&#x1f4a8

Instance: “who knows exactly where we can safely &#x1f617&#x1f4a8?”

“Twist a joint” = Pretzel + Cigarette = &#x1f968&#x1f6ac

Here’s the deal: Weed heads will default to &#x1f6ac which means “joint.” That is mainly because Apple hasn’t supplied a joint emoji in the iPhone, although we can hope that will not constantly be the case.

Instance: “meet me at five to &#x1f968&#x1f6ac”

“I got 5 on it” = five + What ever the Fuck That is Supposed to Be = five&#xfe0f&#x20e3&#x1f51b

In 1995, the hip-hop group Luniz released the track “I Got 5 On It,” and now just about every ‘90s kid cannot assistance but hear the hook any time somebody drops a Lincoln on some weed.

“Five on it” implies you have got $five to either pitch in on a sack or to contribute to somebody else’s smoke sesh, so you are not becoming a damn mooch.

Instance: “if you got that &#x1f34d&#x1f682 i got five&#xfe0f&#x20e3&#x1f51b”

Emojis to Stay away from

The following emojis have generally accepted meanings. Unless you have currently worked these emojis out with your business enterprise make contact with, do not use these, to protect against confusion.

&#x1f3b1 = Even though this could conveniently refer to an “eighth,” an “eight ball” frequently refers to an eighth-ounce of cocaine. Which, y’know, is fine to use, if that is what you are attempting to score.

&#x1f346 = It could be tempting to use this to refer to a “Purple” or “Purp” strain of weed, but do not. Most people, in particular females, could suspect an unsolicited dick pic will quickly comply with soon after getting this.

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