Dr. Raphael Mechoulam Continues His Cannabis Analysis


When Israeli chemist and professor Dr. Raphael Mechoulam revealed his earth-shattering investigation about the structure of THC and CBD in the early 1960’s, the reaction was not what he had hoped. The planet was not prepared to accept the thought that cannabis could be utilized for medicinal purposes, as numerous nonetheless saw it as a useless recreational “drug”. On the other hand, as medicinal cannabis becomes much more accepted and new investigation is performed, the initial findings of Mechoulam and his group appear even much more significant to the cannabis market.

Dr. Mechoulam’s investigation made the creating blocks for what we now know about the structure of the compounds identified in cannabis. Although his initial findings had been extremely significant, Dr. Mechoulam has continued his cannabis investigation and produced new discoveries that enable to develop a greater understanding of the rewards of the cannabis plant.

Meet Dr. Raphael Mechoulam

Israeli scientist Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has been researching cannabis and the numerous compounds that are identified inside it considering the fact that the 1960’s. His investigation has covered every thing from the molecular structure of THC and CBD to employing CBD to treat a quantity of circumstances. The most significant of his operate was his investigation into the use of CBD to treat seizures and epilepsy.

Although some initially criticized his claims, Dr. Mechoulam’s investigation has been backed by a quantity of publicly released research. There is even an FDA-authorized CBD primarily based epilepsy drug offered for buy in the United States. When there had been early doubters, it is clear that Dr. Mechoulam’s previous operate stands the test of time.

Stabilization of Cannabis Acids

Although his early operate laid the groundwork for the cannabis market we know these days, Dr. Mechoulam has continued his investigation. He and a group of researchers not too long ago revealed at a health-related cannabis conference in Pasadena, California that they have made a way of stabilizing acids identified inside the living cannabis plant that can be utilized in medicine. There are acids in the plant that are diverse from and potentially much more potent than conveniently extracted compounds CBD and THC, but CBD and THC can also be stabilized as acids in much more potent types (THCA and CBDA).

Dr. Mechoulam and his group stated the acids are now offered to be licensed to drug businesses. According to NBC news, the group believes that the acids will be finest utilized for treating inflammatory circumstances such as psoriasis, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel illness.

The synthesis and stabilization of acids from the cannabis plant has the possible to be a huge shift in the health-related cannabis marketplace. Dr. Mechoulam and his group are at the forefront of this possible improvement in the way health-related cannabis is utilized as a therapy. Regardless of whether the cannabis acid marketplace will explode like other sectors of the cannabis market remains to be noticed, but it is thrilling to know that specialists like Dr. Mechoulam continue to operate to enable greater the lives of other folks.


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