What Goes Into Producing a Excellent Pre-Rolled Joint?


Every person deserves to encounter the bliss of a completely rolled joint. That is why it is critical to know what constitutes a excellent pre-roll — and what is not worth the lung space.

When it comes to acquiring higher with your buddies, the straightforward pleasure of a finely rolled joint is difficult to beat. Quick to light, hit, and pass along, it only requires a handful of puffs at a celebration to draw in a circle of fam eager for their turn to burn. And with its self-contained comfort and portability, the humble doobie is amongst the most common solutions of consumption for smokers. But rolling a great joint is a talent that not absolutely everyone has perfected, prompting numerous buyers to turn to pre-rolls. 

Pre-rolled joints had been the third most common cannabis item category in 2018, with a sales development of 79 % more than the prior year, according to information from cannabis analytics firm Headset. That recognition hasn’t been lost on cannabis organizations, either — numerous of whom are upping their game and supplying prepared-to-smoke joints match for connoisseurs. 

But what, precisely, goes into creating a great pre-roll? What qualities really should buyers be conscious of when searching for the most effective pack of j’s to smoke? To locate out, MERRY JANE checked in with some market professionals for their input.

The Energy of Flower 

For starters, leading-of-the-line pre-rolls are created with 100 % cannabis flowers. So, gone are the days of shake-filled joints twisted by bored budtenders. David Elias, the co-founder and CEO of Lowell Farms, mentioned that when his firm launched Lowell Smokes in 2017, making use of trim or cannabis crumbs culled from the bottom of bags for pre-rolls was regular practice in the market. At Lowell, nevertheless, only leading-excellent flower from some of California’s finest growers go into their joints.

“These are cultivators that have been performing this for decades, making use of organic fertilizers and organic solutions and by no means making use of pesticides,” Elias mentioned. “And I consider that there is a seriously large distinction. In 2017, there was no regulation requiring that we test for pesticides, but we’ve been testing for pesticides considering that our very first pack.”

Lowell Smokes are created from 100 % cannabis flower, but alternatively of strain-particular joints, the firm has opted to make blends with names the likes of The Content Hybrid and The Celebration Sativa.

“Blending the pre-roll for flavor and impact was one thing that we began with early on, and it is been one particular of the items men and women like about a pack of Lowell pre-rolls,” mentioned Elias.

Lowell Smokes are obtainable individually in tubes or in three.five-gram and 7-gram packs that function sustainable packaging.

“We created a selection to use organic supplies,” he mentioned. “Everything’s one particular hundred % recyclable packaging in our packs of smokes.”

1 of the most critical elements of delivering the most effective pre-rolls to buyers, Elias added, is standing behind your item.

“Right from the starting, we’ve incorporated a sticker and a note to our costumers that for any purpose they have a much less than fantastic encounter, they can get in touch with us and then we’ll replace the box… We strive for excellence and we strive to meet just about every single pack fantastic for our consumers. And in the occasion that that does not take place, we want to know about it and we want to make it ideal.”

Gallery — The Art of Joint Rolling:

Elizabeth Hogan is the Vice President of brands at GCH, Inc., a firm founded by Willie Nelson, and is also the owner of Willie’s Reserve. She mentioned the company’s pre-rolls, “which we contact a Prepared Roll Joint for the reason that that is what Willie Nelson known as it,” are one particular of the original merchandise provided by its partners in states with legal cannabis. She mentioned that one particular of the most critical elements of generating a excellent joint is adequately preparing the 100-% cannabis flower.

“For super-dense cannabis flowers, the people assembling the joints have to take a slightly distinctive strategy to grinding that material than they would for flower that has a far more open structure,” mentioned Hogan. “And that is just one particular of the most fantastic and stunning items about cannabis varieties: That they seriously do ask to be treated individually to be understood for their personal exceptional expression and then to be processed and assembled primarily based on that.” 

Prepared Roll Joints are packed in tubes for protection and are obtainable as one particular 1-gram joints or two half-gram joints.

“The benefit there, of course, is if you have a smaller sized circle or fewer men and women to share it with, two half-gram joints can provide an outstanding encounter two occasions, alternatively of the outstanding encounter one particular time…  and then a quite great encounter when you relight it,” explained Hogan.


Excellent Pre-Roll Checklist

Victor Berrio, the president of pre-roll manufacturer Pineworx, told MERRY JANE that his firm, which makes use of proprietary production gear, not too long ago pivoted from regular marijuana pre-rolls to serve the exploding industry for hemp joints. Created common specifically in states devoid of legal pot, hemp pre-rolls could attain a a great deal bigger industry with far much less regulation. 

But the production challenges related with generating great joints from hemp flower — which involve grinding the material to a constant particle size and packing the pre-roll to the optimum density — are the identical for cannabis, providing Pineworx’s encounter an edge on the competitors just getting into the new industry.

Prior to lighting up, Berrio mentioned that there are 4 aspects that are indicative of leading-excellent pre-roll — be it hemp or marijuana. The very first point to verify is the packaging, which really should hold the joint fresh and protected from breakage. Pineworx packages are sealed tight to not only preserve terpenes and freshness but also to make them odor-no cost.

“Not everyone desires to stroll into 7-11 and smell cannabis,” Berrio explained. 

Immediately after opening, the subsequent point to verify is the look of the joint. Take a great appear at the joint to make positive it is not creased or lumpy. And verify that there are no holes that would trigger uneven burning. Then, Berrio suggests holding the pre-roll up to the light.

“And if any light shines by means of, there is typically a gap in the cannabis for the reason that it hasn’t been packed to the ideal density, which signifies it is not going to smoke appropriately.”


Third, note how the pre-roll feels to the touch. When grasped involving two fingers and subjected to slight stress, the joint really should really feel strong, “but not so strong it feels rock-difficult,” Berrio mentioned. Lastly, verify the aroma of the pre-roll. The joint really should have a clean aroma wealthy in cannabis terpenes devoid of any odor of grass or hay. 

Of course, lighting up and experiencing a pre-roll’s flavor and impact is the final test of excellent. But now that you know what to appear for, see how the subsequent joint you invest in stacks up against some of the industry’s most effective. 

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