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A bipartisan healthcare cannabis bill was introduced to the Wisconsin legislature on Sept. 20 by Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison and Sen. Patrick Testin, R-Stevens Point.

According to Testin, the bill would introduce a regulated procedure on each the patients’ finish and production finish. The bill needs a recommendation from the medical professional as properly as a registry technique for stated individuals. On the production finish, a licensing technique would be place into spot for growers, producers and sellers.

For Testin, the healthcare marijuana concern has had a private effect on his life as his grandfather, Blair Testin, fought a terminal diagnosis of cancer. Testin stated his grandfather created the option to seek out healthcare marijuana illegally, and it was the only issue that supplied substantially-required relief in the course of rounds of chemotherapy as properly as assisting him to acquire back his fleeting appetite.

Testin pointed out that his family’s encounter is not one of a kind in any way.

“Conversations I’ve had from folks from all across the 24 Senate Districts, due to the fact my family members stories not one of a kind, but stories of men and women who have made use of issues like CBD oil, who have made use of other cannabinoid-derived items and ultimately get them substantially required relief,” Testin stated.

Testin stated that he is most impacted by stories of veterans who encounter vast issues after they are house. Testin explained that they are suffering from physical situations such as chronic discomfort as properly as mental situations such as PTSD from serving our nation.

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Testin stated that for him, the bill boils down to patient option. Testin feels that individuals must have access to selections apart from opioids, which are linked with lots of horror stories amongst an opioid crisis.

“We’ve got men and women who have served our nation, they’ve gone overseas, they’ve come house with scars that are visible and some that are not, and they have to go commit illegal acts and get the medicine that they will need,” Testin stated.

Testin believed that whilst current conversations have began turning the stereotypes surrounding healthcare cannabis, lots of physicians stay skeptical. Testin believes that this is due to the reality that there is additional analysis surrounding opioids and other equivalent drugs.

 Testin stated that experts normally fall back on the argument that there is not adequate analysis to back healthcare cannabis.

Testin, nevertheless, does not agree.

“For me, we’ve observed the opiate crisis run rampant all through the state,” Testin stated. “And oftentimes men and women who get addicted to additional risky drugs, such as heroin or fentanyl, began off on legally prescribed drugs. So for me, taking a appear at the huge image, and primarily based on analysis, I’ve taken a appear at other nations and … science [does] have a tendency to point that healthcare cannabis can serve as a safer option.”

Testin stated that one particular of the challenges to get this bill passed is uncertainties inside the Republican celebration. Testin, whilst becoming extremely public about his help, has discovered that some of his Republican colleagues are not opposed to the notion of healthcare cannabis, but are weary of placing a robust framework in spot to help it. 

Taylor felt that the bill is a “no brainer” and expressed frustrations with the Republican party’s hesitations, particularly with the Majority Celebration leadership.

Taylor, nevertheless, did have higher praises for Testin.

“He is listening to the men and women of his district and of the state,” Taylor stated.

Testin and Taylor each agreed that the implementation of the bill does face challenges. They cited the list of structures that will need to be in spot. Taylor did not let these challenges shake her self-assurance.

Taylor explained that this bill is not the very first of its type. Thirty-3 other states — like the District of Columbia — have passed healthcare marijuana legislation. Taylor pointed out that there are states that have moved beyond that, and have passed recreational legislation as properly — like Illinois.

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“It’s going to take a tiny bit to get the complete technique up and operating,” Taylor stated. “But 33 other states and the District of Columbia has accomplished it. So, it is not like we’re breaking new ground right here.”

Testin and Taylor felt that if the bill is passed, Wisconsin would be positively impacted, like getting relief for individuals as properly as their households. With the legalization of healthcare marijuana, no patient will will need to resort to criminal acts in order to get the medication they will need, they stated.

Testin and Taylor urged the value of conversation surrounding the healthcare marijuana concern in order for absolutely everyone to acquire viewpoint of these who would advantage. In regards to these who do not help the legalization of healthcare marijuana, Testin had a message of respect and understanding.

“I respect your opinion, and I realize why you could not help this position,” Testin stated. “But I would encourage you to sit down with the men and women in your district and hear their stories and see how them employing this as a type of medicine has straight benefited them.”

Testin and Taylor think that constituents communicating with their representatives and senators is also essential for this bill. For the duration of the referendum final fall, Wisconsin showed widespread help for healthcare marijuana.

Taylor stressed that this bill would be complicated to pass, and that it requires the help shown in the referendum to be shown once more — specially from younger voters.

“We genuinely will need the public to speak loudly to their senators and representatives, that this is significant, and that they will need to get on board and not block this bill,” Taylor stated.


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