Columbia County sheriff reports arrests of persons stealing hemp from licensed farms


COLUMBIA COUNTY (WKOW) — It was bound to occur … thieves apparently are attempting to steal pot from licensed hemp farms.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Workplace reports that they, “recently investigated and arrested various people who had been attempting to harvest and eliminate Hemp plants from appropriately licensed farms.”

The sheriff notes that it is a crime to harvest these plants without the need of the appropriate licensing, and harvesting without the need of the authority of the license holder and landowner may possibly outcome in criminal charges for theft and trespassing.

Hemp plants grown below these licenses and laws ought to be incredibly low in THC content material but will have related physical
traits to illegally cultivated higher THC cannabis plants, according to Columbia County Sheriff Roger Brandner.

Brandner noted the arrests in a news release Tuesday reminding farmers about the guidelines regulating hemp expanding.

Wisconsin Act 100 makes it possible for hemp to be grown in the State of Wisconsin. This system is administered by the Wisconsin Division of Agriculture, Trade and Customer Protection.

Hemp plants are normally made use of for grain, fiber or to make CBD oil.

Brandner notes that there are a quantity of licensed hemp growers in Columbia County.

For additional info about the State of Wisconsin Hemp system, please take a look at the following DATCP


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