five Methods to Be Thriving at Cannabis Enterprise Meetings and Networking Events


Irrespective of whether you are a cannabis license holder, ancillary enterprise, or aspiring cannabis sector entrepreneur, attending networking events, conferences, and enterprise meetings is important to your good results.

The legal cannabis sector began not so extended ago with a tiny group of passionate individuals connecting in individual at events that gradually spread across the nation. That face-to-face connection is nonetheless important right now to creating leads, creating relationships, and closing bargains in the marijuana sector.

When numerous of the enterprise meeting and networking do’s and don’ts for the cannabis sector are the similar as any other sector, there are some exceptional considerations and nuances you require to hold in thoughts. Following are 5 suggestions you can stick to to ramp up your cannabis sector networking and meeting good results.

1. Be Ready

Prior to you attend a marijuana sector conference or enterprise meeting, make positive you are ready. When the sector may be perceived as enjoyable and nonetheless have a lazy stoner reputation amongst some individuals, the reality of the sector is really various. Today’s cannabis conferences and enterprise meetings are filled with savvy enterprise individuals, and you require to be ready to impress them if you want to be thriving.

With that stated, make positive you have professionally developed and printed enterprise cards, bring a lot of them with you, and hand them out generously. Create and practice your elevator pitch so you can provide it on the fly.

In addition, pre-schedule meetups with individuals who you know will be at the trade shows you strategy to attend anytime attainable. Items can get crazy in the course of expos and conferences, and it is simple to drop track of time and miss possibilities to meet with individuals when the hours pass promptly.

two. Be Perceptive

It is exceptionally critical that you know who you are speaking to at all instances and adjust your message to match your audience. Try to remember, not everybody who operates in the cannabis sector is a cannabis user. In current years, there has been an influx of experts from Corporate America and other industries, and numerous of them do not use cannabis items at all.

For instance, if you are at a enterprise meeting or trade show, do not assume the individuals you are networking with will want to share an edible with you. Normally let the other individual(s) take the lead when it comes to indulging in cannabis with enterprise connections. Just like sharing a glass of wine at a enterprise dinner is acceptable, sharing an edible is acceptable as extended as you hold items experienced (see #three beneath) and do not overindulge (see #five beneath).

three. Be Qualified

Getting experienced is a rule for any enterprise meeting or networking occasion, but it bears reinforcement as it relates to the marijuana sector. Be respectful to everybody you meet and by no means make assumptions about any person primarily based on their attire or look. You by no means know who you may be speaking with – they could be your subsequent significant client or investor.

In addition, use prevalent enterprise etiquette and turn off your telephone. The individual you are speaking with must often be your prime priority. As a result, schedule instances all through the day to verify your telephone and respond to calls, emails, and texts only at these instances.

four. Be Patient

It is often a superior notion to wait to indulge in cannabis till following a networking occasion or conference. Even if the atmosphere at an occasion is enjoyable, you are not there to celebration – at least not till you have completed your enterprise activities.

Believe of it this way – individuals are significantly less probably to take you seriously and view you as a experienced they want to operate with or invest in if you are prioritizing enjoyable more than enterprise. There is a time and location for every little thing, so be patient and indulge at the appropriate time and only in acceptable areas.

five. Be Intelligent

Under no circumstances overindulge at a enterprise meeting or occasion. Just like you must by no means drink also a lot, you shouldn’t use so a lot cannabis that it negatively impacts your behavior in a enterprise circumstance.

Similarly, do not attend a enterprise function smelling like marijuana, which can be connected with overconsumption and a lack of professionalism. Once more, there is at time and location for every little thing, so physical exercise restraint and be wise.

Maintain in thoughts, becoming wise does not finish when enterprise meetings and networking events do. Be positive to get enterprise cards and make contact with details for everybody you meet and stick to up with them appropriate following the meeting or occasion ends.

When meetings and networking events are wonderful for creating connections, creating leads, and creating relationships, you require to nurture these relationships on an ongoing basis if you want to turn them into closed bargains and enterprise successes.

Essential Takeaways about Cannabis Enterprise Meeting and Networking Etiquette

The cannabis sector networking and enterprise meeting do’s and don’ts offered above give you a strong foundation to start off with, but you will require to do your homework to actually succeed.

Study each and every occasion, get to know your audiences, and adjust your messages, behavior, and offerings to match. With your due diligence completed, be ready, perceptive, experienced, patient, and wise, and you will be a lot more thriving at each occasion and meeting.


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