Runtz Bags Could Have Something In Them


From time to time it appears like there will be no way to quit the runaway train of fake cartridges, fake brands, and even fake retailers promoting them. Of course, we know far better. Cannabis prohibition is gradually going away. It is an inevitable outcome now. As soon as we get the complete legalization at the federal level in the US (open for comment correct now, by the way), we might 1 day appear forward to a cannabis market that is nicely-sorted. Till then…

For some cause, Runtz became the leading strain that the black market place pushes. Just about anyplace you go on social media is a Runtz riot.

Runtz bags on Twitter

Runtz cans on Twitter

And then even there individuals are wising up already…

Runtz bags for sale

Why yes, you can invest in Runtz baggies just about anyplace. Right here they are on Amazon:

Runtz bags on Amazon

Right here they are on eBay:

Runtz bags on eBay

The obligatory listing on Alibaba and DHGate:

Runtz bags on Alibaba

Runtz bags on DHGate

So we all now know that shopping for flower in a baggie does not legitimize it.

Definitely, we do not have almost the challenges with a misrepresented brand of nugs that we do with oil cartridges. No matter what, there is undoubtedly a flower in that bag or there is not, and generations of skilled stoners know a nug when they see 1. There’s nonetheless no assure of good quality, testing for pesticides, or even what strain you are receiving beyond the sniff test. But on the complete, you are no worse off shopping for weed this way than you had been shopping for it in anonymous clear plastic baggies final century.

But you are no far better off, either.

Once again: Clear copyright violation = fake business

As we pointed in the the Runtz carts post, neither Nestlé (owners of each Runts candies and the Willy Wonka candy brand) nor Paramount Images (distributors of the original 1971 film Willy Wonka &amp the Chocolate Factory) nor the estate of Roald Dahl (the author of the character) would have signed off on this branding.

Runtz, so far as we’ve observed, is not a genuine brand in any way, and we’re even beginning to turn out to be skeptical about the alleged strain. Runtz is the creation of black market place package wholesalers, in specifically the exact same way as Dank vapes. And if there’s at least some flimsy assistance for a distinct Runtz strain of cannabis, we have so far uncovered none for any of the colour variants.

pink Runtz bag

white Runtz can

Oh, by the way, that pink Runtz package there? Regardless of the pink ribbon, we’re quite positive no percentage of your acquire goes towards locating a remedy for breast cancer.

What’s the silliest piece of Runtz branding you are observed?

We’ve discovered complete hip-hop albums and hoodies now. Readers, you can preserve us posted on new sightings of this black market place branding and the heights of unshakable delusion on the aspect of individuals who want to think in it. Comments beneath or in our forum.



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