What’s in Your Stash? Centeria Hall, Flower Host at Lowell Farms Cannabis Café


Los Angeles native and flower host, Centeria Hall, is ecstatic to be component of the historic employees at the ground-breaking Lowell’s Cannabis Café in Los Angeles. 

“It’s just beginning to sink in – the greatness of the spot, and the significance of the function I’m carrying out,” she says from her house in Los Angeles. 

Diverse from a meals server, the flower host visits your table and aids you have the very best recreational and/or medicating knowledge ever by pairing the finest flower with meals, all when maintaining shoppers protected and level headed.

“I have to be thoughtful on how I strategy our shoppers,” she shares. “Just like in budtending, we can not give health-related information and facts, we can not diagnose, and we can not lay claim to the positive aspects of the plant—even if we know from individual knowledge that cannabis could possibly function for a specific symptom.”

Medicated, not higher, is essential, as every single human physique varies in dosing and protocols, based on way of life and diet program.  The flower host should be mindful and attentive. What every single flower host brings to the table matters, not just in item, but in their personal life experiences, combined with their personal individual use and understanding of cannabis

At Lowell’s, Hall’s concentrate is for every single client to have a relaxing and enjoyable evening and if a sore muscle is healed in the approach, it is a moot point. It may possibly be a bonus, but not the intent. Not getting a negative outcome is the ultimate target. 

Self-Medicating for Pressure

Hall was born and raised in Los Angeles. She attended Mt. San Antonio College, majoring in Sociology, with a concentrate on Marriage and Household Counseling. She wanted to be a recording engineer, but located it to be as well costly a calling.

House life was hard her mother struggled with symptoms from bipolar disorder and was diagnosed when Hall was a youngster. It was her mother who she observed self-medicating with cannabis for the initially time. But the initially time her mother caught her smoking weed at 17, it was not met with acceptance.

“She was not satisfied about it, and produced me smoke a complete blunt to myself as punishment,” she shares. “I didn’t like it and decided not to do it once more.  She was smoking weed all the time, but she wanted me to be straight-edge. It was confusing.”

At 19 she started assisting the family members spend the bills, and says she began smoking cannabis to combat tension, with no pushback from her mom.

“Safe to say I have PTSD from a childhood of emotional trauma. Cannabis aids me get via it—it nevertheless does. I’m nevertheless receiving via it,” she says.

Courtesy of Centeria Hall

The Nose Knows

Hall was operating as a pastry cook at Beauty &amp Essex in Hollywood when she answered an ad from Greenhouse Herbal Center, also in Hollywood, exactly where she honed her abilities as a budtender.

“At Greenhouse I discovered about genetics and gained an understanding of the fragrance of specific cultivars and what that indicates. Understanding all of this also got me a lot more in tune with my personal physique and what I require, personally. I know now, I’m drawn to berries – Blueberry crossed with Haze is a favourite. I do not care for tangy citrus, but like sweet citrus.”

Hall says not liking a specific scent in a cultivar just about feels like an allergic reaction, and the scents we are attracted to have positive aspects our bodies crave. 

“I definitely disagree with an individual picking out a cultivar just for the higher THC count,” she explains. “Choose your cultivars with your nose – if you do not like the way is smells, it is not for you. Your nose knows what your physique desires.”

The useful compounds of the plant are located inside the fragrance—within the terpenes, so it bodes nicely to adhere to your nose. Humans have a symbiotic partnership with plants primarily based on scent. 

Aside from delivering pre-rolls, vapes, and bowls, Hall’s solutions as a flower host involve rolling joints if the shoppers do not know how, and teaching them if they’d like to study, bringing samples for perusing, and advising on dosing limits, based on their stated tolerance. Beginning low, and going slow is constantly the common rule of thumb, no matter whether you are medicating or applying for recreational purposes.

“I strategy people today differently since of my background in sociology,” she says. “My level of support is a lot more individual, and I like getting a partnership with my shoppers. Appropriate off the bat, I say I’m not a health-related professional—that’s the fine print. I can only advise primarily based on my personal understanding, from my personal knowledge, and operating with other shoppers as a budtender.”

The dosing of cannabis is an art, not a science, but it is also a very simple practice in terms of applying plants.

Courtesy of Centeria Hall

A Easy Stash for this Flower Host

Her personal stash is a minimal 1. She largely smokes to deal with triggers from PTSD and to chill at the finish of the day. 

“My grinder is from Flow Kana, and I swear, it is the very best grinder and offers the fantastic consistency each time,” she shares. “I commonly have an eighth of what ever specific the property flower is wherever I’m purchasing. Tends to make it a lot more reasonably priced and I like to be in a position to share with close friends.”

She enjoys ingesting with fruity Wally Drops CBD lozenges, stating there’s hardly any ganja flavor, which is a plus.

“I adore the Cannalocks container, it keeps anything fresh with its tiny air-tight, pump lock on major. I like to maintain bigger amounts of flower in there for that cause. Appropriate now I have some Death Star I’m enjoying in there,” she chuckles.

Hall says she made use of to be a Swisher smoker, an individual who constantly rolled tobacco with their weed, but now she’s attempting non-tobacco options and smoking mixes of other useful herbs with cannabis.

“Collecting Clipper lighters is an obsession, and now I’m collecting rolling trays,” she says. “I’m not large on vaping, but I do like abx’s Dart since they have fantastic reside resin pods.”

A stash favourite is prominently displayed amongst her accoutrements: the Rogue Paq, with an uncommon monogram, “KOISC.” 

“I had an individual frequently producing exciting of me, calling me a Koi Space Cadet, and it stuck. So, I mentioned, fuck it, and went with it—I am out of this planet, buddy,” she laughs.

Not pictured are assorted tinctures she utilizes for back discomfort. She added that she also medicates at the finish of the day to relieve tension and to support her sleep.

“My finish-of-the-day rituals are also a very good way to socialize with close friends,” she mentioned. “And that is definitely what it is all about for me. It is tribal to sit and partake in a dope setting. It is thoughts, physique, and soul becoming fed now, and I’m definitely satisfied to be a component of that.”


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