How LogicKit cannabis delivery aids organizations expand their attain



This short article is brought to you by LogicKit, assisting cannabis organizations retain shoppers with integrated cannabis delivery application.It is no secret. Delivery platforms are dominating customer spending, even though classic brick and mortar retailers are forced to obtain new approaches to attain shoppers. Like classic buyers, cannabis shoppers are becoming much more educated about merchandise and have began flocking to cannabis delivery solutions.

How can retailers in the cannabis sector remain competitive? Like other retail sectors, achievement in the cannabis sector implies connecting with shoppers outdoors of the dispensary and meeting them in their favored locations when it is also inconvenient for them to pay a visit to a retail place – at house, at a concert or just when they’re out with pals. In saturated markets like California, a thriving cannabis delivery service can imply the distinction among life and death for cannabis retailers.

Investing in delivery to invest in shoppers

Delivery solutions have turn out to be a aspect of our every day lives, but in contrast to classic retail sectors, there are quite a few challenges in setting up a cannabis delivery service. From integrating compliance systems, to managing drivers, to keeping point-of-sale systems and maintaining track of inventory, retailers are faced with layers of enterprise and regulatory complexity. In addition, business owners also have to believe about expanding their operations by means of robust buyer relationships, buyer information, and retention techniques.

Increasingly, modest enterprise owners and big dispensaries alike have been turning to platforms like LogicKit to construct out their cannabis delivery operations.

For retailers by retailers: a single contract, a single platform, no hassle

In contrast to other delivery platforms, LogicKit was constructed by knowledgeable cannabis retailers with cannabis retailers in thoughts. More than the course of two years, we’ve discovered that it is a nightmare for retailers to attempt to get all of their platforms to operate collectively, so we made cannabis delivery operations application to address their biggest problems,” says Narek Khachatryan, co-founder of LogicKit.

LogicKit is a a single-quit cannabis delivery application remedy that enables cannabis retailers to take their merchandise on the road. The platform was constructed by a group with years of cannabis retail encounter to address the discomfort points that only enterprise owners comprehend. More than the final 12 months, LogicKit’s shoppers have enhanced their sales by up to 30%, even though also substantially escalating ticket size and retention metrics.

LogicKit’s field-tested platform aids cannabis organizations seamlessly transition from classic in-shop only models even though keeping essential information and offering useful possibilities to improve the buyer encounter. In addition, LogicKit also gives advertising and marketing tools, such as loyalty applications, promotional codes, and direct marketing. By providing cannabis dispensaries the capability to create demand, LogicKit is empowering them to scale and develop beyond the physical limits of their retailers.

Enabling cannabis enterprise across the nation


In order to expand, cannabis enterprise owners have to obtain a model that performs for their enterprise and their shoppers. Traditionally, there have been two models of delivery: the “hub and spoke” model and the “ice cream truck” model.

The hub and spoke model is made use of by cannabis retailers who have a physical shop or warehouse. Drivers are dispatched from a physical place to the shoppers, which implies they can provide the whole choice of the dispensary. Alternatively, in the ice cream truck model, offsite drivers bring a smaller sized choice of merchandise in a automobile to every single area due to the fact regulations may possibly limit how considerably every single driver can carry. Each and every model has its benefits and disadvantages. Even though the hub and spoke model offers much more choice to the buyer, the ice cream truck model permits for faster deliveries.

LogicKit’s versatile application options have permitted a third, hybrid model to emerge. The enterprise describes it as the “dual-technique model.” As described by LogicKit’s CEO, Arman Siradeghyan:

“The dual-technique model was made to overcome some of the difficulties that retailers have been seeing with the classic models by combining the current models by means of application. With LogicKit, retailers can show shoppers a wider menu that consists of each what they can get promptly, by way of the ice cream truck model, and what they can get shipped to them in the future by way of the hub and spoke model. In California, you cannot have much more than $3000 worth of item in your automobile, so getting in a position to industry a much more substantial menu delivers much more chance for sales and buyer satisfaction. It is not about picking out the model for the retailer but providing them the capability to operate how they want.”

With escalating competitors, catering to shoppers is the name of the retail game and keeping flexibility in enterprise is a ought to. It can be difficult for cannabis retailers with a modest employees or restricted sources to help each offsite sales and scheduled deliveries. LogicKit delivers a way for cannabis enterprise owners to make it a reality utilizing only a single platform.

Custom options to scale

A new LogicKit buyer receives a customized delivery internet site, reside updating of their inventory, driver management apps, monetary dashboards, and an whole back-workplace application suite for connection management.

As Siradeghyan notes, “the [driver] app tends to make it straightforward for drivers to make numerous deliveries and obtain ratings. Owners can use the backend for route tracking and functionality management. They can send notes to their drivers and monitor the whole delivery encounter.” With the LogicKit, delivery and back-workplace operations are streamlined and manageable – producing multi-channel delivery achievable for modest organizations and independent retailers.

In addition to delivery operations, retailers also will need to capture and retain cannabis delivery shoppers. Retailers that do not have techniques to maintain shoppers have to make positive that they are not out of sight, out of thoughts soon after the initial transaction is created.

LogicKit gives a suite of intelligent information-driven tools to preserve an engaged and loyal buyer base. From loyalty applications to promotional advertising and marketing and demand generation, the LogicKit platform aims to please and retain delivery shoppers. Utilizing LogicKit, cannabis retailers can also integrate advertising and marketing techniques such as influencer applications.

Siradeghyan explains that cannabis retailers can leverage influencers with LogicKit by building custom promo codes for influencers to share on social media platforms. Owners can construct their influencer plan the way they want, such as how influencer sales are tracked and compensated.

No matter which capabilities they select, LogicKit supports retailers with soft launches and white-glove guided implementation.

Enhancing cannabis delivery in each and every neighborhood

“We’re in a globe exactly where people today shop for worth, and owners have to show how they appreciate that…maybe it is delivery possibly it is promotional codes possibly it is much more insight into transactions. LogicKit offers enterprise owners a fighting possibility to impress their shoppers and give them the tools to compete,” says Khachatryan.

The future of retail is on the internet, and LogicKit desires to empower independent retailers to compete in the large leagues. From urban markets to rural places, LogicKit’s item suite aids cannabis retailers to maintain shoppers in their ecosystems by bridging gaps that standalone options merely can’t.


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