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Let’s speak about the DaVinci IQ, a smaller but effective dry herb vaporizer with a lot to provide. The device was released a couple of years back, but I just got the possibility to attempt it out and it will now sit higher on my list of favourite dry herb vaporizers.

Appear and Design and style – five/five

The vaporizer itself is quite smaller, fitting into the palm of my hand comfortably without having disappearing. It is quick and wide and in spite of its smaller size, it packs some weight and feels quite sturdy. It has a good and uncomplicated rectangular shape with a subtle dip at the best.

The device is quite fashionable and sophisticated and I like all of the colour alternatives like blue and gunmetal, though the stealth black choice is also impressively sleek.

I am fairly impartial to making use of buttons and getting some sort of show to clarify what specifically it is I’m carrying out, so there is one thing truly good about the IQ’s show method. The front of the device is just a series of small dots that light up in distinct approaches to convey temperature settings and other messages to the user in a quite intuitive way.

DaVinci IQ

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Construct good quality – four.five/five

I had the very same difficulty with the DaVinci as I did with the Pax three. Possibly I’m just finicky but I discovered the device would get uncomfortably warm just after turning it up to greater temperatures, producing me not want to hold it in my hands or use it. This is a small counterintuitive mainly because in looking for an answer for why this issue gets so warm, I discovered a statement from the business suggesting that holding it in your hands assists to absorb the heat and cool off the device. Properly, that tends to make sense and I am not worried it is going to explode.

It is just the reality of producing such a smaller vaporizer capable of reaching higher temperatures. I do not want to have to hold it consistently, but I can acknowledge it would be quite valuable in a group setting exactly where it is not going to be set down on the table to continue to generate heat. Apart from the higher heat, I appreciate that it requires below a minute to heat up to the highest temperature and is swift to toggle among settings.

The temperature of the device is in all probability my most significant hangup and I come across the rest of its make to be fantastic. It is sturdy and not as well bulky even though becoming the ideal size to comfortably match in my hands.

Hit/Higher Encounter – 10/10

I utilised the flat mouthpiece on this device, even though there are longer mouthpieces for these that favor to use them. Since the device dips at the best exactly where the mouthpiece is, I believed the flat mouthpiece was a small funny to use and would have been much easier if the best had been definitely flat. No significant deal even though.

The actual encounter was quite pleasant. There is a range of temperatures to pick from and I discovered the third pre-set choice to be good and comfy. I didn’t invest as well considerably time with the other modes out there, like enhance mode which heats it to the max to generate the most significant vapor.

It has a fairly huge bowl which is fantastic for these who want to stock up and not have to refill generally, but other folks who do not want to pack the bowl complete may well advantage from making use of the spacers, an accessory created to lower the size for smaller sized sessions.

And then there’s the flavor chamber, a section to add aromatic and flavorful herbs to improve the encounter. You can add cannabis, or get inventive with other herbs or spices like lavender, cloves, or ginger. I didn’t attempt this out but I consider it could be a entertaining way to actually spice up your session.

All round, I believed the DaVinci offered a quite smooth and comfy delivery. The heat from the device wasn’t so effective it hurt my lips or something like that, and the vapor created at each and every setting ranged from practically nothing at all to fairly thick without having ever becoming uncomfortably harsh.

Upkeep and Longevity – four.five/five

DaVinci IQ review

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This device is fairly uncomplicated to sustain and hold in great shape with just a couple of methods. They make it uncomplicated to care for as properly, such as a chimney brush, multi-tool, and alcohol wipes in the kit.

Cleaning consists of clearing out the chamber and maintaining it cost-free from utilised herbs and soaking or wiping down added components in alcohol. It shouldn’t give any individual as well considerably of a tough time or be a big inconvenience.

The battery life is nothing at all particular but it will final someplace among an hour or two, providing customers a lot of time to get pleasure from. It comes with a rechargeable and replaceable battery, so customers could also pick to swap it out right away and extend their session.

Charging the battery requires about 3 hours or extra to total which is not super impressive thinking about it only lasts about half of that time. Nevertheless, it is an uncomplicated micro USB charger and the lights on the show will hold you updated on the progress.

Final thoughts four.eight/five

The DaVinci IQ is a fantastic vaporizer for any individual who desires a effective, transportable, and comparatively discreet device. It may well not be best for these who just want to take a smaller hit just about every now and once again, as it is very best to hang on to and have a session rather than set aside and choose back up in a couple of minutes.

It is uncomplicated to load, clean, and use with uncomplicated settings that make it fantastic for newbie vapers or seasoned veterans alike. I discovered it uncomplicated and intuitive to toggle among temperatures without having as well several alternatives or options in the way, even though customers who want to be extra precise or get extra inventive with the device can use the smartphone app to customize their intelligent paths or alter other settings.

Newbies and professional vapers alike will come across their location with the DaVinci IQ and the higher-good quality encounter it supplies.


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