Former Portuguese Wellness Secretary Joins Cannabis Market


Former Portuguese Secretary of State for Wellness Dr. Eurico Castro Alves is the most recent higher-profile politician to join the cannabis market.

He has joined the board of directors at Symtomax, which owns a license to make a single of the world’s biggest production facilities. It has a website totalling 1.83 million square metres and it plans to develop a significant greenhouse there in order to provide the profitable European health-related cannabis marketplace.

It is functioning with Higher Cannabis Corporation (OTCQB: GCAN) in Baltimore on developing revolutionary cannabinoid delivery systems for the health-related marijuana it will make in Portugal.

Dr. Eurico, who was also formerly the president of Portugal’s well being regulator, Infarmed, is now joining the board. He will sit alongside co-founders Minette Coetzee and Paul Segal, who serve as chief executive and chairman respectively at the company.

“I am delighted to have joined Symtomax and appear forward to additional assisting the company on a strategic level as effectively as pushing the organization forward on a technical front,” mentioned Dr Eurico.

He graduated in medicine from Porto University prior to finishing his common coaching at the Southern Illinois University Healthcare College and at the Cook County Hospital of Chicago. He became an Instructor in Sophisticated Trauma Life Help, a position awarded by the trauma committee of the State of Illinois.

He is at the moment the director of the surgery division at the central hospital in Porto, and he sits on a quantity of influential boards at health-related organisations.

Portugal is keen to develop into a major player in the worldwide cannabis market, and the government has granted approval to a quantity of higher-profile projects.

A single will see Holigen, owned by Canadian firm Flowr (CVE: FLWR), make additional than 500,000 kg per year, generating it a single of the world’s biggest producers. The Portuguese government has designated it as a Project of National Interest.

A further Canadian organization, Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) also has substantial operations in Portugal and it continues to improve its footprint there.
Dr. Eurico joining the cannabis market follows a trend observed in Israel, exactly where two former Prime Ministers, the former Minister of Science, Technologies and Space, the former Air-Force Commander and numerous other public figures have joined the flourishing cannabis market and in the U.S., exactly where former Congressman Stephen Purchaser is amongst the former politicians joining the trade.


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