Girl Scout Cookies Strain – Origins, Reputation, and Healing Prospective


The Girl Scout Cookies strain has an exceptional top quality, exceptional look and a entire variety of other positive aspects. It has come to be substantially additional than a California sensation – it is a worldwide phenomenon.

So, what is so specific about this strain? What can you anticipate if you have never ever smoked it just before?

The following critique holds all the answers you will need to have to make a choice no matter if to attempt it.

Composition and origin of the Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC) is a “child” of two hugely well known strains – OG Kush and Durban Poison.

It is about 60% indica and 40% of sativa. It also has higher levels of THC and low quantity of CBD, which is terrific news for everyone who loves finding higher. Its higher potency is the strain’s trademark now.

Cannabis Cup awarded GSC strain an award for Greatest Hybrid in 2013, and for Greatest Healthcare Hybrid in 2014. Its health-related properties are quite powerful, so it has come to be a viable solution for individuals hunting to resolve their discomfort and nausea troubles.

Girl Scout Cookies can also be useful in dealing with depression and anxiousness problems.

The strain’s dwelling area is California. It hasn’t been on the industry as well extended and it kept a low profile at initially, but its reputation exploded just after 2012.

Now, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is 1 of the very best alternatives you can make for each recreational and health-related purposes.

There are many distinct phenotypes of GSC, such as the Platinum GSC and Thin Mint. They mildly differ in look and effects, but their top quality is generally constant.

What does Girl Scout Cookies appear like?

Girl Scout Cookies Strain appears like a common OG Kush, but with some exceptions: it is taller and has additional branches.

The leaves are purple and they’re totally beautiful to appear at whilst the hairs have a really distinct shade of orange.

The only unimpressive point about its look is the typical height, which may well be off-placing for some folks.

If I had to select my favourite strain primarily based on look alone, this would be a critical contender.

The practical experience of working with GSC?

Let’s examine the crucial query right here – what’s the general practical experience of working with Girl Scout Cookies like?

As I currently hinted, the Girl Scout Cookies strain will very easily supply you with 1 of the very best vaping experiences of your lifetime. GSC will send you into a higher state in no time and your thoughts will clear just before you even notice.

Not quite a few strains can make you really feel each euphoric and relaxed at the identical time, but Girl Scout Cookies does that really efficiently.

One particular point to note, even though – the practical experience may well differ based on what time you are consuming your GSC.

I wouldn’t suggest beginning the day with this strain as you may well have spikes in your power levels whilst the weed is undertaking its job in the physique. It is not a really pleasant feeling, so I believe you will be greater off with coffee rather.

But, if you smoke it in the late afternoon, it will do wonders for you. Unwinding just after a hard day at function is almost certainly the very best mixture right here.

Girl Scout Cookies has a slightly minty flavor and you can really feel some lemony zest right here as effectively.

The smell is really spicy and it becomes sweeter and sweeter as you preserve consuming it.

After you get started smoking the GSC, it is really challenging to cease. Moderation is the crucial, of course, but it can be challenging to resist this amazing aroma, that is for positive.

Expanding the Girl Scout Cookies strain

Sadly, GSC is challenging to develop, but if you have practical experience with increasing any other strain, it will aid out tremendously.

You can develop the Girl Scout Cookies strain each indoors and outdoors, but I suggest the initially solution. Expanding GSC indoors is substantially additional hassle-free as that way you will not have to be concerned about climate circumstances.

If you make a decision to develop this strain outdoors, preserve in thoughts that Girl Scout Cookies does not like harsh climate circumstances.

You really should unquestionably keep away from increasing it through the winter. October is a fantastic month for harvest, so if you develop your GSC outdoors, make positive you do it by the finish of the month.

If you want to develop your GSC indoors, you can do it in many distinct approaches. I suggest working with a hydroponic system of your option, due to the fact it will save you a lot of time and you will not need to have to use a regular fertilizer.

The flowering time varies based on the phenotype, but general, it does not take additional than 10 weeks.

Healthcare positive aspects of the Girl Scout Cookies strain

The Girl Scout Cookies strain can be a useful ally in treating many distinct circumstances, like anxiousness, depression, discomfort problems, headaches, and even some digestive troubles like nausea. GSC can also aid with loss of appetite.

If you use GSC to ease discomfort, I suggest working with an edible concentrate, due to the fact you will be capable to manage how substantially you take.

Although it requires some time for the effects to kick in, the edible will give you the vital higher and also protect against you from going overboard with your GSC consumption.

If you want to use Girl Scout Cookies to treat your anxiousness or depression, smoking will be your very best solution. You will really feel the effects promptly, and as quickly as that takes place, you will attain a blissful state that will aid you cleanse your thoughts.

Individuals who deal with digestive troubles are in a greater position right here as they can use any of these two techniques. Each edibles and smoking will function completely.

Side effects of working with GCS

Fortunately, there are really couple of prospective damaging consequences of working with Girl Scout Cookies.

The most typical side impact is dehydration, but some folks also reported improved fatigue, dry eyes, dizziness, and anxiousness as effectively.

Individuals may well practical experience 1 or additional of these side effects if they consume as well substantially GSC.

Definitely, working with weed in moderation is an critical rule with any strain and any weed solution.

In case you really feel dehydrated, drink as substantially water as you need to have. You can also drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

If you really feel tired, get some rest and reduce down on with weed till you get started feeling okay once more.

If you know what you are undertaking, the side effects are very easily manageable and they really should not deter you from consuming the Girl Scout Cookies strain altogether.

Exactly where to come across the Girl Scout Cookies strain?

Girl Scout Cookies is out there in all components of the globe and it is not as well pricey. A gram can be bought for about $15, whilst purchasing bigger quantities lower the expense per gram.

Our assistance is to acquire cannabis from legal dispensaries in order to keep away from prospective schemes, and to keep away from supporting the black industry.

In conclusion

Girl Scout Cookies is the strain that each cannabis enthusiast really should attempt at least after. It is a fantastic strain for each recreational and health-related purposes and it comes with minimal side effects.

If that is not sufficient, it is 1 of the very best-hunting weeds on the industry and it has an aroma that is really challenging to resist.

So, if you have no other just after-function plans tonight, perhaps it is time to get acquainted with this hugely acclaimed cannabis strain.


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