How to Make a Gravity Bong: Simple Step-by-Step Guide [2019]


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The gravity bong is not for the uninitiated smoker who is happy with just a handful of hits. No. The gravity bong is for the determined stoner who likes to go above and beyond, delivering enormous effects without the need of spending an further dime.

What is a Gravity Bong?

Like most homemade smoking devices, there are many variations for producing a gravity bong.  The common thought of a gravity bong is to use physics to provide massive pulls of water-filtered smoke via a plastic bottle.

A common gravity bong consists of a two-liter plastic soda bottle with the bottom reduce off, a bucket filled with water, a down stem and bowl (or option), and a powerful will to get higher.

The lid of the water bottle will be reduce via to make area for aluminum foil to fill with weed, or to insert a down stem with a bowl for the similar objective. The user areas the reduce soda bottle in a bucket of water and lights the weed, gradually pulling the bottle virtually out of the water without the need of going all the way.

The cap is then removed and the user inhales though gradually submerging the bottle back into the water, forcing a massive quantity of smoke into the lungs.

Gravity Bong Supplies

You can make a gravity bong in a handful of diverse approaches, but a effectively-recognized approach of constructing one particular requires:

  • 1 two-liter soda bottle
  • A bucket or equivalent item (can be a bigger plastic bottle with the best reduce off if you have one particular)
  • A down stem and bowl or aluminum foil to construct your personal
  • Scissors
  • Drill or tool to reduce via the soda bottle cap

Gravity Bong Assembly

Placing the gravity bong collectively is somewhat straightforward but demands a bit of precision and patience.

Initial, you will have to have to reduce a hole via your plastic cap. Scissors, a drill, a scratch awl, and other tools can all be applied with varying degrees of security. Reduce a smaller hole via the cap and wedge scissors in to widen the hole till it is massive adequate for you to insert a bowl piece.

If you are applying aluminum foil, you can cautiously wrap the cap in the foil, molding to the shape of the cap to permit you to place it back on the bottle, and use your sharp tool to reduce at least 3 smaller holes via the cap. You can then use some added foil to generate a small “wall” to preserve your bud from rolling off the cap.

Subsequent, you will have to have to reduce the bottom off of your plastic bottle. When constructing DIY smoking tools, keep in mind significantly less is far more. Very carefully reduce from just an inch or two off of the bottom and attempt to preserve the reduce as straight as doable. Discard the bottom of the bottle, you will not be needing it.

At this point, the bong is virtually prepared so it is time to get your bucket set up. Regardless of whether it is a two-gallon-sized water bottle you have reduce the best off of, a classic plastic pail, or a thing in amongst, the method is the similar. Fill it up with water and leave an inch or two of space at the best.

The subsequent step is to submerge the two-liter soda bottle in the bucket. Leave just a bit of the best of the bottle exposed along with the mouthpiece and preserve the rest of the bottle underwater.

With your bottle cautiously submerged in water, it is now time to insert your bowl piece in the cap or spot your aluminum foil cap building back on the bottle. Fill your bowl with some ground bud and get prepared for action.

Hitting the Gravity Bong

Now that the cap loaded with bud is safe and the bottle is submerged, you can light the weed though simultaneously lifting the bottle out of the water gradually. The bottle should really commence to fill with smoke, and if it does not, you will have to have to improved safe the cap or make certain there are no other holes in the device.

Stay slow and steady as you pull the bottle out of the water, stopping just ahead of reaching the best of the waterline. Do NOT pull the bottle all the way out of the water or you will shed all of your tough operate.

Very carefully take away the cap and cover the bottle opening with your mouth. Gradually submerge the bottle back into the water which will push a massive concentration of smoke into your lungs.

And there you have it. Right after becoming filtered via the water, the smoke might really feel cool, but do not assume this indicates it will be a smooth hit. Some report it feeling smooth, but the sheer quantity of smoke you are pulling via your lungs can be harsh, even for sophisticated smokers.

If you have under no circumstances performed a gravity bong ahead of, proceed with caution. It is essential to load the bowl adequate so it appropriately lights and performs all functions, but do not go more than the best and light a ridiculous quantity of weed if you have under no circumstances seasoned the effects of a gravity bong. You will get a significantly larger concentration of cannabis than other smoking solutions in a extremely brief period of time, which can be intense for any user.

As with all homemade smoking devices, using plastic and household components is not the healthiest way to smoke in the extended run. They’re fantastic in a pinch each and every now and then or to spice up your approach of consumption but shouldn’t be relied on for extended term use.


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