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Colleen Fisher TullyOctober 18, 2019

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No matter whether you have brought house a stash of CBD foodstuffs or picked up some THC edibles (10 mg per serving, as per the legal limits), do not get burned by letting these foods go stale and inedible ahead of consuming them all.

Or worse, obtaining them gobbled down by unsuspecting guests—or even worse: by young children or pets.

For all your cannabis goodies, bear in mind 3 factors: lock, label, colour: Shop in lockable containers, clearly label the contents, and, when generating your personal recipes, colour them differently than non-cannabis foods (ideally green, mainly because: weed).

Maintaining candies fresh

Due to the fact sugar acts as a all-natural preservative, cannabis candies will final a though, but air and temperature can make their texture unappealing. Cool and dry is most effective, but not all candies shop the very same:

Sweets like really hard candies and caramels absorb moisture, generating them soften and stick collectively more than time (e.g. ribbon candy in a bowl). Hold these in a locked, labeled, airtight container on a cool spot in your pantry. Something soft, like caramels, must be individually wrapped if they are not currently, ahead of storing in mentioned locked container. Tough candies will maintain up to one particular year something softer, six to nine months.

Jellied candies and fudge will shed moisture and freshness swiftly in the open air. Hold leftovers tightly wrapped ahead of labeling and locking away, six to nine months.

Storing chocolate

Like other candy, chocolate is sensitive to humidity and temperature. Wrap leftovers in foil and shop in a cool, dark place—that locked, labeled box on the leading pantry shelf is best. Dark chocolate lasts up to one particular year milk and white chocolate eight to 10 months.

You can refrigerate or freeze chocolate to support it final an additional two to 4 months, but it will create a “sugar bloom”—a harmless white film triggered by absorbing moisture from the fridge. Chocolate will also absorb flavours from surrounding foods in the fridge, but mainly because your cannabis chocolate is locked in its personal labeled, airtight container, you will not have this difficulty.


The Cannabis Act only enables retailers to sell shelf-steady edibles, ruling out most infused condiments, but if you select to make your personal, know that most are only excellent for a handful of months in the fridge. Think about adding “date made” to your labelled cannabis condiments ahead of locking away in a fridge-secure container. Here’s the storage life for some generally applied condiments, after opened:

Pickles: Two weeks
Chutneys, mayonnaise, and salad dressings: Two months
Barbecue sauce: 4 months
Ketchup, jams, and jellies: Six months
Peanut butter: Six to nine months (refrigerated two to 3 months in the pantry)
Mustards: 12 months

Mould in the jar? Most probably cross-contamination. Normally use a clean knife or spoon every single time you dip in.

Snacks and baked goods

As with candies, air is not your pal when it comes to something baked. Locked, labeled, and airtight will maintain factors fresh. Here’s a list of snacks, ranked by freshness level:

Crackers and chips: When opened, two weeks in the pantry
Muffins: 3 days in the pantry one particular week in the fridge two months in the freezer
Cakes: 4 days in the pantry one particular week in the fridge 3 months in the freezer
Breads: 4 days in the pantry two weeks in the fridge 3 months in the freezer
Brownies: two weeks in the pantry one particular month in the fridge 3 months in the freezer

Storing drinks

Shelf-steady drinks left unopened will final six to nine months in a cool place, regardless of whether in the pantry or the fridge. Nevertheless, something leaking, bulging, rusting or badly dented must be tossed.

Teas maintain actually nicely when locked away in an airtight, labeled container away from heat, they’ll maintain for up to two years.


All oils are light and heat-sensitive, and the very same storage guidelines apply to cananbis-infused oils. Hold them locked and labeled in a dark location, away from any heat supply.

Stored appropriately, you can count on your oil to final six months to a year. But if it is tasting bitter, this signifies the oil is turning rancid (and your cannabis compounds are probably breaking down), so use it up swiftly or throw it away.

Created from cannabis that is been permitted to sit in alcohol or vinegar extended sufficient to extract its properties (not as opposed to vanilla for baking), tinctures may possibly be the most effective bang for your edible buck: locked away in a cool, dry location, they can final for years.

But purchaser beware: glycerin added to the item will result in it to degrade more quickly.

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