Nearby Smoke Shops Worry Effect of Proposed Flavored E-Cigarette Ban


Flavored e-cigarette merchandise at Smoking N Vaping are becoming sold at a lowered price tag simply because if a planned statewide ban goes into e ect, the merchandise will be illegal. (Photo by Matthew Fischetti)

New York’s proposed ban on flavored e-cigarettes is meant to shield the huge population of young people today who vape, but it may perhaps be hurting compact business enterprise owners in its try to do so, many vape shop staff and managers told WSN.

“It’s totally going to reduce down the business enterprise. We can’t spend our charges: rent, employee insurance coverage, taxes. We can’t do that any longer. Perhaps we’re going to close,” mentioned Aminan Sam, manager of the 165 Ninth Ave. smoke shop Smoking N Vaping.

Sam joins other concerned vape and smoke retailer owners and staff in waiting for the New York State Appellate court’s ruling as the future of flavored e-cigarettes hangs in the balance. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s emergency 90-day ban of flavored e-cigarettes was supposed to go into impact earlier this month, but is at present becoming fought by the trade group Vapor Technologies Association that represents suppliers, wholesalers, compact business enterprise owners and entrepreneurs in the vaping market.

Sam says that up to 40% of Smoking N Vaping’s inventory, and up to 80% at other retailers, could be illegal beneath the new law. Presently, Sam mentioned the retailer is promoting all sizes of e-liquid bottles at $10 to recoup his charges and attempt to break even.


Malik Asad quit smoking cigarettes by switching to the electronic option. The co-owner of a CBD and smoke retailer that opened on Macdougal Street in early September, Asad mentioned Cuomo’s targeting of flavored e-cigarettes is misplaced.

“[The real problem] is young teenagers, middle schoolers, people today beneath 21 — they’re all vaping cannabis oil,” Asad mentioned. “Vaping cannabis oil has come to be a substantial trend. And most of them are not receiving it from a legit dispensary.”

Malid Asad is a smoke shop owner whose retailer is close to Washington Square Park. Asad and numerous other staff and managers describe the tremendous influence the avored vape ban would have on their enterprises. (Photo by Matthew Fischetti)

Though New York and other states have attempted to move forward with e-cigarette bans, the CDC has not provided conclusive proof that they are the culprit behind the 33 deaths and 1,479 documented lung injuries not too long ago linked to vaping.

“Given the diversity of merchandise reported and frequency of sufferers employing each THC- and nicotine-containing e-cigarette merchandise, extra strategies such as item testing and traceback could assistance recognize the distinct result in of this outbreak,” an Oct. four report from the CDC reads.

The report discovered that 87% of the 86 sufferers interviewed reported illicit THC use. Nonetheless, it recommends people today keep away from vaping merchandise in common as the epidemic is becoming investigated. THC carts have been the topic of a September New York State Division of Overall health investigation, which discovered black-industry cartridges becoming reduce with Vitamin E acetate.

“If they make it illegal nationwide, and people today are not in a position to get flavored stuff, I’m positive they’ll be on the black-industry,” Asad mentioned. “There will nevertheless be retail retailers that sell it illegally to the loyal buyers and on the down-low. Folks are nevertheless going to get that urge to Juul and vape and are going to spend the price tag no matter what.” 

Asad mentioned nicotine’s addictive high quality and former smoker’s motivation to not go back to smoking will produce a higher demand for the banned merchandise. Asad mentioned if states want to reduce down on underage use that they ought to deliver retail retailers with some sort of machinery to confirm if somebody is beneath 21, like an ID card scanner.

Sam says Smoking N Vaping currently has measures against underage use, and that a city inspector comes every single two months, possibly every single month, to make sure that is the case.

“Either they’re going to regulate it, sell it at a particular price tag like cigarettes, or if I have to just take anything out,” Asad mentioned, as he pointed to his showcases of vape liquid that will come to be worthless if the courts rule in favor of the ban.

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