Survey Shows Majority Of Australians Do not Want New Cannabis Law Overturned


Newly-released information from an on-line survey carried out by Australian marketplace investigation corporation Roy Morgan shows that the majority of citizens do not want the Federal Government to overturn the new ACT law which decriminalizes cannabis for individual use.

Persons surveyed had been asked if they had been conscious of the current passage of the ACT law, which goes into impact in 2020, and irrespective of whether they felt that the Federal Government ought to intervene and overturn it in light of conflicts with Commonwealth law which prohibits the possession, cultivation, and use of cannabis.

According to the survey, 62 % of respondents indicated that they do not want the Federal Government to overturn the ACT law although 27 % responded in favor of government intervention.

Only 11 % of respondents stated that they had no opinion either way.

The survey was carried out in mid-October with a representative cross-section of Australians more than the age of 14.

“Despite new investigation from Roy Morgan revealing 49% of Australians oppose the legalisation of marijuana, compared to 42%, a clear majority do not want the Federal Government to overturn the ACT’s new cannabis laws,” says Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine. “As nicely as reflecting altering neighborhood attitudes to the drug, this outcome shows Australians are hesitant about Federal Government intervention in the affairs of other jurisdictions such as the ACT.”

But although the Roy Morgan survey indicates that a majority of the Australian public supports the new law, Levine says that the possibility of government intervention is true.

( Image: Roy Morgan )

“There is precedent right here which respondents may possibly or may possibly not be conscious of,” says Levine. “Although the Northern Territory legalised euthanasia in 1996, the newly elected Howard Government intervened to overturn the law the following year.”

Survey benefits showed that 85 % of Australians had been conscious that ACT had passed although 15 % did not know about the new law.

According to the survey benefits, there was small distinction of opinion relating to the possibility of the government overturning ACT involving these who knew about the new law and these who did not.

Of these who had been conscious of ACT’s passage, 26 % indicated that they would like the Federal Government to overturn it and 29 % of previously unaware people responded they also want government intervention.



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