Will need (urgent) tips on marijuana detoxing : Marijuana


Hi very good individuals of reddit, I have been smoking consistently for a year (1/two bowls practically each day), but I have smoked only when on 27th September (approx half gram) right after 14th September. I haven’t smoked due to the fact (now is 21st October). I am 5’6”, 135 lbs. I was preparing to smoke once again (like 1/two bowls) this weekend (26th October). But the issue is I may have to do a drug test subsequent month (any day of the month). Can anyone inform me how considerably thc I may have in my method appropriate now, I study that thc flushes out in three/four days if you are an occasional smoker, so I was asking yourself do I pass as an occasional smoker now, due to the fact I have smoked only when in 1.five months? Will I be capable to flush out the THC fairly speedy if I smoke this weekend. Would detoxing assistance? If so, what do you guys propose? Thanks in advance.


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