7 cannabis strains that taste way improved than candy corn


Candy corn is definitely trash and everyone who disagrees is free of charge to have that incorrect opinion. For the reason that ignorance is bliss.

But you know what else is bliss? DANK-ASS TASTY FLAVORS FROM CANNABIS. So becoming that a lot of you in all probability have a handful of candy corn, and your taste buds are unquestionably crying for aid, I’ve formed a list of cannabis strains that taste waayyyyyy improved than these garbage wax cones that serial killers appreciate chomping on.

Ice Cream Cake

Candy corn is supposed to have a buttery and vanilla flavor, so this list would be incomplete with no a butter and vanilla-like cannabis strain: Ice Cream Cake to the rescue.

A potent and close to-ideal strain crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 (just by seeing these genetics, you know this is some FIRE), this strain has powerful vanilla and sweet flavors that make it taste just like its namesake. So if you are wanting one thing wealthy, sugary, and vanilla-ish, but do not want to consume that weird-ass cone candy, then grab oneself some Ice Cream Cake and thank oneself.

DJ Brief Blueberry

When it comes to candy tastes, you not only crave sugary flavors but also sweet and fruity ones. Whilst it may well not be the sweetest strain due to its earthy essence, DJ Brief Blueberry Surely classifies as fruity with its powerful (you guessed it) blueberry flavor.

This plant, regardless of how it is consumed, is certain to be a palate-satisfying practical experience. Not only that, but its fruity flavors punch the physique with a heavily relaxing vibe that candy corn will under no circumstances supply.

Diamond OG

Diamond OG is one particular of the most scrumptious strains that I’ve ever come across. The batch I attempted of this pinene-dominant flower tasted of guava and mango—when most phenotypes of it taste like citrus, pine, and fuel, ya know, like an OG-influenced strain. Regardless, each flavor profiles that may well come from this plant will have your taste buds screaming, “Oh yeah, that is the one particular.”


An orange-flavored plant reminiscent of these candy orange slices in your grandmother’s medicine cabinet, Mimosa is a further strain with enormous flavor that is way much more attractive than candy corn. A cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, this well known strain will hit you with a good stoney feeling that’ll set you up for a good candy-mashing session.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana was produced by DNA Genetics since they knew I’d one particular day create a list of cannabis strains that taste way improved than candy corn and I would will need some recommendations. Crossing Banana Kush and the “strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, we have a strain that has a sweet and fruity taste reminiscent of a smoothie from your nearby juice bar.

Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush to the rescue. A cross of Afghan and Kashmir genetics, this plant kicks out vanilla and floral flavors. Not only does this plant taste way improved than candy corn, it tends to make the physique really feel improved also. Whilst candy corn produces disappointment and regret, Vanilla Kush produces a calm and relaxing practical experience.

Cotton Candy Kush

Cotton Candy Kush is a cross of Lavender with Energy Plant. A lot like its namesake, this myrcene-dominant strain comes with a fluffy look and a sweeeeet-tasting flavor profile that’ll have you craving carnival adventures. A relaxing strain with sweet and berry flavors accented by floral notes, Cotton Candy Kush is certain to please the cannabis-terps-more than-wax-candy lovers far and wide.

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