Savoury biscuit from the grain of Avena sativa (7) Crossword Clue, Crossword Solver


RANK ANSWER  CLUE OATCAKE Savoury biscuit from the grain of Avena sativa (7) WHISKY Which distilled spirit is created from the grain of barley, rye, oats, and so on (six) Good Pleasant biscuit from the French Riviera (four) OATME AL Milled grain of the plant Avena applied for porridge, parkin, savoury biscuits and pancakes a supply of soluble fibre with blood-cholesterol-minimizing effects (7) PRETZEL Brittle savoury biscuit glazed and salted on the outdoors (7) CRACKER Savoury biscuit for cheese or, an item initially referred to as a bon-bon (7) PARSNIP Popular vegetable that has the Latin name Pastinaca sativa (7) ALFALFA The forage plant Medicago sativa, also referred to as lucerne OATS Grain from Avena sativa (four) TITYRUS Pastor recumbans cum avena, Virgil Ecl. 1 LETTUCE Lactuca sativa (7) OAT Erect annual grass, Avena sativa, grown for its edible seed (three) BARLEY The grain of a range of cereal grass applied in creating malts, in soups, and as animal feed BUCKWHEAT Go against the grain of American breakfasts? (9) BIAS Slanting diagonally across the grain of a fabric. RYE Cereal plant the grain of which is applied for meals and fodder AUGURIES ‘To see the planet in a grain of sand’ was quoted in a single of the Tomb Raider films from the poem by William Blake, … Of Innocence (eight) AWN Stiff bristle expanding from the grain sheath of grasses BRAN From the grain, it is kept in the barn (four) SCREAMOFWHEAT Cry from the grain field? CREAM CRACKER Savoury biscuit (five,7)


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