Study Finds Marijuana Theray Supplies Pharmacological Help for These Working with Prescription Opioids


According to a new study, the day-to-day use of cannabis more than six months gives pharmacological help for sufferers searching for to lessen their use of prescription opioids.

The study, titled A pilot study of healthcare cannabis – opioid reduction plan, was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

For the study 600 chronic discomfort sufferers participated Every of the subjects indicated their wish to taper off opioids more than the course of therapy, reports NORML. Individuals commonly consumed in between 1 and 3 grams of cannabis per day through the study period.

Following six-months, 156 sufferers (26 %) had ceased taking opioids and an extra 329 subjects (55 %) decreased their opioid intake by an typical of 30 %.

“Medical cannabis supplied pharmacological help all through the tapering approach … [and] was extremely valuable to a lot of sufferers,” the study’s author concluded. “The good final results justify additional investigation.”

The study’s complete abstract states:

Quite a few chronic discomfort sufferers have prescribed opioids at doses exceeding the existing Guideline. Tapering the dose can be tough, as sufferers worry a return to a state of overwhelming discomfort. Many elements can raise the likelihood of good results: the patient’s readiness for transform, psychological help, pharmacological help, and cautious monitoring. This pilot study addressed these 4 elements. Six hundred sufferers took portion. Every was taking day-to-day opioid doses ranging from 90-240 mg morphine equivalent dose (MED). All indicated they have been ready to lessen their opioid dose. More than a six-month period, opioid doses have been tapered according to person demands, normally 10% just about every 1-two weeks. Psychological help was supplied by way of a freely out there net-primarily based mental overall health and wellness tool. Healthcare cannabis supplied pharmacological help at the price of .5g/day for each and every 10% reduction in opioid dose, as required. Physicians monitored sufferers consistently according to each and every patient’s demands. Following six months, 156 sufferers (26%) had ceased taking opioids. An extra 329 sufferers (55%) had decreased their opioid use by an typical of 30%. One particular hundred fourteen sufferers (19%) neither improved nor decreased their opioid use. The 1 patient whose opioid dose was improved had poorly controlled discomfort and an aggravated discomfort situation. The good results of this healthcare cannabis – opioid reduction plan in a big proportion of sufferers is grounds for additional investigation.


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