The Push to Unionize Cannabis Workers, Explained


Labor unions see an chance to organize a single of the quickest-developing industries.

Weed workers across the nation are unionizing, and California just created it simpler for them.

On Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a requirement that all cannabis shops enter into so-known as “labor peace agreements” as quickly as they have 20 or extra staff.

California is now a single of two states — New York is the other — that calls for licensed weed shops to make a deal with a formal labor union in which managers guarantee not to quit workers from joining a union. And in exchange, organizers will not encourage labor strikes against the enterprise.

Labor unions have been pushing for these agreements in current years, as extra and extra states decriminalize marijuana. They say they want to make confident the $six billion sector does not exploit workers, who are frequently paid under the minimum wage or provided marijuana as an alternative of wages.

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