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Genuine TKO Extracts Vs Fake TKO Carts Visual Guide

October 10, 2019

The well-known street brand recognized as TKO extracts was not too long ago lab tested by Belcosta Labs and came back good for 11 pesticides, 7 of which had been above the permitted legal limit.

tko cart lab test for 7 pesticides

This lab test was produced achievable thanks to @thedojapp, an Instagram web page connected with a marijuana app. They are often conducting lab tests on well-known street cartridges and sharing the test final results with their Instagram followers. TKO carts is a rip off of the well-known TKO Extracts brand from California. Alternatively of getting an precise counterfeit, they decided to attempt and confuse individuals with a equivalent name. The counterfeits are equivalent but with significant variations, this effectively confused numerous individuals from figuring out which was legit.

Genuine TKO Carts Are From California

real TKO extracts vs fake

Genuine TKO Extracts are only out there to these who reside in California. The counterfeit TKO Extracts can be identified for sale all through numerous states. This is the explanation why the reputation behind the fake TKO carts grew a lot more than the actual genuine brand due to the fact of the added huge exposure across state lines. We began covering the counterfeit dilemma with TKO cartridges given that final year, and given that then there has been numerous developments.

Fake TKO Extracts Lab Test Benefits

TKO cartridges pesticides

There had been 7 various pesticides detected above the legal state limit for the unlicensed TKO Extract brand. The following pesticides had been identified beyond the state limit:

  • Bifenazate – 49 occasions more than California legal limit.

  • Boscalid – 11.two occasions the legal California limit.

  • Myclobutanil – 22.five occasions more than legal limit.

  • Propiconazole – 1.four occasions the legal limit.

  • Etoxazole – four.9 occasions legal limit for pesticides.

  • Trifloxystrobin – two.two occasions the permitted legal limit.

  • Chlorfenapyr – eight.eight occasions the legal limit.

This lab test final results is the ideal instance of whats actually taking place in the black market place. Individuals are having rid of their out door grown pesticide ridden cannabis that no legal market place would accept. We advocate checking out our genuine TKO carts guide on how to distinguish genuine from counterfeit.

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