Stoned af

Anyways life has ups and downs, and lately my life has gotten so much better. 2019 my father committed suicide and led to our family disowning me my mom and my sister. We were hurt and alone, but day by day time passed and things got better. No matter how bleak things look life is worth the struggles. Keep positive (weed helps) and remember you are a kind and beautiful person eventually your kindness and effort will be rewarded.

Whenever you’re going through it remember there are people out there ready to hear you. Remember with theinternet and all the resources available you can find someone going through similar shit and you’re not alone! speak with someone you can relate to or just go and look for peoples stories online who can help you realize that you’re not alone in your struggles. There are people who would love to hear and help you, and if you need it medicine that can change your life.

Take your ups and downs because you never know what opportunities are coming for things to get better. I think if you try to be a good person you should be proud of yourself and somehow you’ll see shit get better.

Idk normally people don’t like my posts or get uncomfortable about them… I’m kinda out there because I have personality disorders but I mean well and try to be a good person anddddddd I chop up things working out for me to that. Just keeping trying to be kind and help yourself be happy. Give it time and you’ll see things change…

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